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Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m so glad to be running and reviewing books for Engaging Secrets. I have 3 kids, Elementary, High & College, and an amazing husband. I also work as a Nanny for 2 adorable boys. Needless to say I’m quite busy but I LOVE reading. I read anytime I have any amount of free time. 

I am now also a book Editor for several authors and enjoy that very much. Check out my Facebook page below.

My favorite books include Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, REAL, the Crossfire Series and honestly … anything with a great plot and a sexy storyline. 

Personal Twitter: @flmichy
Personal Facebook:  Michelle


Hey! My name is Gretchen, I live in wonderful southern North Carolina where I've lived my whole life. I have 1 grown son who is amazing!! 

When not working as a Nanny for 2 adorable kids, cooking or cleaning I spend all my free time reading. It drives my family insane. I’ve always loved to read, however really became addicted after reading Harry Potter. Then Twilight hit and I was an instant fan. Now with Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire Series I fell completely madly in love with Romance books. 

I always have a book with me in some form & will even read at stop lights!! I love books and I hope y'all like my reviews.

Personal Twitter:  @GretchenPu
Personal Facebook:  Gretchen 

Dominique: Hello I'm Dominique I currently live in Illinois. I am a microbiologist by day and a secret smut reader by night.

I'm married to my ying,

(I'm yang) and we a have a wonderful Techi named Sophia Rose (our favorite Golden Girls characters).

I've been reading fluently since the 2nd grade. I remember reading all my Dr. Seuss books, then goosebumps books. When those were done I got into my sister in laws stash and that's how I discovered romance and been in love ever since. It's also the story about how in 5th grade I asked my mom if her loins quivered too. I usually go on book benders for weeks at a time and I am an rabid Harry Potter fan. Also, if you couldn't tell, I like white wine. I hope my reviews introduce you to your next favorite book.

Facebook: Dominique

Instagram: euqinimod_danyale