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Mr. Brightside by Abby Millsaps: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Mr. Brightside
Author: Abby Millsaps
Genre: MM Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2022
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

Playboy. Jokester. Uncle Jakey. Bro.

Living in this small town my whole life means everyone knows my name. The one title I never expected to take on?


My father’s will is clear: the only way I’ll ever see my inheritance is if I get married. I never cared about the money. I cringe at the thought of letting him manipulate me from the grave.

But now I’m short on time, out of options, and desperate for cash.

Cue the wedding bells.

The only reason I’m moving forward with this crazy idea is because I’ve figured out a way to unlock my inheritance while also raising the middle finger to my father’s legacy.

See, there’s something Joe Whitely’s narrow-minded bigotry never counted on: times have changed. Laws have changed. Getting married doesn’t mean I have to find a wife like he so desperately wanted.

In fact, I’m determined to do the opposite.

I just have to find myself a man, convince him to marry me, and pop my relationship cherry.

Because that’s the catch: I’ve been with plenty of men. And women. But I’ve never been in a committed relationship.


I guess I better get used to hearing it, saying it, and figuring out what the hell it means if this plan is going to work.

**Mr. Brightside is a full-length standalone M/M romance featuring Jake Whitely from the Hampton Hearts Series. It contains content some may find triggering, including offensive language and discussion of attempted SA. It is a dual POV story featuring characters in their mid to late twenties. It ends with a HEA.

Who said you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife?
Well, they’ve never met Jake…

From a troubled past, which you can read about in Rowdy Boy; to a husband in the blink of an eye.

Well okay, maybe the marriage started out as a scheme to get the inheritance his abusive father left behind to fund his dreams, but sometimes fate works out that way.

Cory is a student who needs love, commitment, and cold hard cash. Well, 2/3 ain’t bad, right?

Feelings get real and real gets messy when the infamous manwhore and the serial monogamist get together.

I loved the characters in this book, even the side characters. They were genuine feeling and the dialogue flowed easily. It was easy to get caught up in this book and immerse yourself into the world that was built here.

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Also available ....

Rowdy Boy is a coming-of-age novella that gives background and context for Jake (the main character in Mr. Brightside). It is set 8 years prior to Mr. Brightside.

Free in Kindle Unlimited

Abby Millsaps is an author and storyteller who writes steamy new adult romance. She loves to write about the big feelings that surface when people grow up, grow apart, fall in love, and discover what they’re made of. Her characters are relatable, lovable, and occasionally confused about the distinction between right and wrong. Her books are set in picturesque small towns that feel like home.

Abby started writing romance in 7th grade. Sure, it was Newsies-inspired fanfic and short stories about slow dancing to ‘This I Promise You’ at the middle school dance, but like all good love stories, they always ended in happily ever after. She met her husband at a house party the summer before her freshman year of college. He had a secret pizza stashed in the trunk of his car that he was saving for a midnight snack— how could she resist?

When she’s not writing Abby enjoys dancing with her two young daughters, spending time with her family, and traveling to her favorite theme park destinations,

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