Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Adoring Alejandro (Falling Down, Book 3) by Eve Black: Review

Title: Adoring Alejandro
Series: Falling Down, Book 3
Author: Eve Black
Genre: Unrequited Love/Curvy Girl Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2022

Maeve Thomas has always been the one in the background; easily ignored, easily overlooked, and easily forgotten. And she hasn’t minded, really. It helps keep the attention off her not-so-attractive attributes. She’s happy hiding…until she comes face to face with a man who makes her wish to finally be seen.

Alejandro Mendez, the sexy co-owner of the company where she works, is looking to kick his playboy ways and finally settle down, but he’s looking everywhere but right in front of him. How do you make the man of your dreams take notice when everything about you is forgettable?

When a clandestine encounter heats things up between them, Maeve is hopeful AJ will see they are perfect together, that his heart should belong to her.

Too bad he gives it to someone else.

Adoring Alejandro is a sexy unrequited love, workplace, BBW romance, and the third book in the steamy, emotional Falling Down series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a deliciously gratifying HEA.

I absolutely adored Adoring Alejandro. I loved how Alejandro had no idea that who he called Swan was actually Mauve. He thinks that she is mousey and quiet, but in reality, she is the woman he dreams about. He starts to really see Mauve and realize there’s more to her than meets the eye but then he’s conflicted about wanting her because he wants Swan as well. I’m so glad he finally figures it out and demands she tell the truth and she finally tells him that she is the woman he’s been looking for. Great read!!

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Eve Black is the sexy contemporary romance-loving alter-ego of a sweet historical romance author...who also writes dark, sexy medieval romance under another name. Eve is one of several personalities in one crazy package. When Eve isn't writing books, she is editing other people's books, freelance writing marketing content, or wrangling her children. For fun, Eve loves to read (obviously) sexy contemporary and historical romance books, binge-watch old Supernatural, Burn Notice, Leverage, and Lucifer episodes on Netflix, and play mind-numbing games on her tablet.

Eve lives in an untidy house on a little over an acre in rural Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband of 17 years and their four children, two cats, and one chicken.

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