Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Hate Between Us by Vera Hollins: Release Blitz + Review

Title: The Hate Between Us
Author: Vera Hollins
Genre: Enemies to Lovers High School Bully Romance
Release Date: March 11, 2022

One moment. That’s all it takes for your life to do a one-eighty. One moment to have your dreams shattered and freedom stolen. One moment to forget who you are.

The night Caroline Adams decided to drive drunk and ended up striking me as I stood on the sidewalk was when that moment happened to me. Nothing has been the same since.

In a wheelchair and broken, I’ve started my senior year at Lake Gate High, where I have to deal with the humiliating stares and whispers. Moreover, I have to see him—Jason Adams, Caroline’s brother.

He doesn’t hide the fact that he hates me for being the reason Caroline ended up in juvenile detention, and that he wants me to stay away from him. But that might prove to be impossible when we’re cast as the leads in our school play and that line between us gets blurred.

But I won’t let my old feelings for him resurface.

Not when he’s a jerk.

Not when that moment keeps haunting me and reminding me of the darkness.

The darkness of that night I might never be able to escape from.

The Hate Between Us was one of my favorite reads to date. I actually was a bit disappointed that it ended and wasn’t a cliffhanger!! I wanted more of Katie and Jason. Their story was so unique and mesmerizing. I craved this book and never wanted to put it down.

Jason and Katie are probably two of my favorite book characters. A tragic accident chained Katie to a wheelchair and the fact that she couldn’t remember the accident made it that much more difficult. She transformed from a meek, shy moth into a beautiful, self-discovering butterfly. She was invisible with no self-confidence. Being pushed to find her passion once again, Katie agreed to lead the school play. She was paired with Jason, her enemy by his own doing. Once a crush, now a villain in her story. Many heads and hands played a role in their coming together, for the sake of this play. Upon learning the truth about her accident through flashbacks and a witness, I was absolutely stunned to read the outcome. I was floored!! I didn’t see it coming and I typically can call what happens next in a book. This is some great writing, right here. 

This is my first experience with Vera Hollins, and I will continue to follow her. The Hate Between Us is written in the first person and I loved it!! I wouldn’t mind more of this style. It keeps it easier to read instead of whipping back and forth. An excellent read that I highly recommend!

Vera Hollins writes emotional, dark, and angsty love stories that deal with heartbreak, mental and social issues, and finding light in darkness.

She’s been writing since she was nine, and before she knew it, it became her passion and life. She particularly likes coffee, bunnies, angsty romance, and anti-heroes. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, plotting her next book with as many twists as possible, and watching YouTube.

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