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Restless Nights by Persephone Autumn: Release + Review

Release Date: March 15


I loathe Micah Reed. Yet, I can't keep my eyes off him. 

Years ago, he opened his mouth in a room full of our peers. Said nine words and ruined my life.

My high school crush did exactly that... crushed me.

But I am no longer the quiet, loner girl from high school. The girl who let others trample her spirit.

No, I take charge. Stand tall. Bend to no one. Never again.

Especially Micah Reed.

Peyton Alexander makes me question my sanity. Yet, I refuse to stop antagonizing her.

Since her first day at work, she has given me the death glare. Lipped off and verbally slapped me.

And every night, I go back for another round.

Not sure what I did to deserve her animosity, but I plan to find out. Plan to fix whatever mistake I made.

Although I live for her banter, I want more with Peyton. The attention she gives other men, I want it for myself.

Call me presumptuous, but Peyton Alexander will be mine.

Micah wants me because I don't fall for his charms.

Peyton resists to deny herself the truth.

Will he ever figure out who I am?

Will she ever let me in? 

Wow, what a book!! I loved how Peyton was sassy and strong-willed. I also like how much she hates Micah for tormenting her in high school. However, he has no idea who she is and why she hates him so much. He finally does remember and he wants to make things right. The sexual tension is off the charts with her and Micah, so I was shocked by the ending! Now I’m super excited for the next book!!

Persephone lives in sunny Florida with her wife, crazy dog, and two lover-boy cats, and she’s never far from her daughter or grandpup.

She’s an avid lover of ethnic food, especially Asian, and has fun discovering ways to veganize her favorite non-vegan foods.
If given the option, she would get lost in nature on purpose. 

For several years, she’s always done some form of writing. After pairing her poetry with images and posting them on social media, she received peer praise and started her novel writing journey.

Although her core style is romance, Persephone dips her toes in other genres from time to time. All stories deserve for their voice to be heard and she plans to write where the characters lead her.

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