Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Good Girls Never Rise (St. Mary's Duet, Book One) by S.J. Sylvis: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Good Girls Never Rise
Series: St. Mary's Duet, Book One
Author: S.J. Sylvis
Genre: Dark Boarding School Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2021


We were from two completely different worlds that couldn’t have been more opposite. Fate brought us together, and we devised a plan. I was to leave St. Mary’s Boarding School, and he was to stay.

I was molded to follow the rules, and he was taught to break them. But somewhere along the way, following the rules became a choice. The lines became blurred. The good girl of St. Mary’s suddenly got a taste of rebellion, and he came in a package of wild blue eyes and hot, lingering touches.

Isaiah warned me that we’d go up in flames if we veered from our plan.

Except, there was no we about it.
Isaiah Underwood let me fall right into the ashes.

Good Girls Never Rise is book one in the St. Mary’s Duet and ends on a cliffhanger. Good Girls Never Rise is intended for readers 18+ and deals with subjects that some may find triggering.

Ohhhhh what a slow burn. It’s almost painstakingly slow, although it is most definitely worth it. Good Girl’s Never Rise is without a doubt, addicting. It’s dramatic, it’s maddening and it’s angsty. Everything you could want in a high school romance.

Isiah is a (not so) bad boy, with a reputation to follow. Pair that with his crew of Rebels and you have the ultimate f*ck boys that every girl in the school wants. Walking in as the new girl, Gemma has no idea what she is in for. She has been homeschooled her whole life, which makes her inexperience even more prevalent. Her newfound friends are not only captivated by her but also intrigued because who is this naive in this day and age?

Both have secrets as well as fears, that keep them up at night. They also each have someone that they are fighting for. This only makes them that much more compatible. However, he plans on staying, but she plans on fleeing. Can Isaiah’s love for her make her stay or will Gemma’s fear of her Uncle make her run for the hills? Pick up this angst-filled drama, the first in the duet. I am on pins and needles awaiting the release of Bad Boys Never Fall, coming this December!!

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Releasing December 2, 2021

S.J. Sylvis is a romance author who is best known for her angsty new adult romances and romantic comedies. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband, two small kiddos, and a dog. She is obsessed with coffee, becomes easily attached to fictional characters, and spends most of her evenings buried in a book!

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