Wednesday, October 6, 2021

You Didn't Love Me Then (Riviera View Series, Book One) by Lily Baines: Release Blitz + Review

Title: You Didn't Love Me Then
Series: Riviera View Series, Book One
Author: Lily Baines
Genre: Small Town Steamy Romance, Friends to Lovers
Release Date: September 28, 2021

How do you fall for someone you’ve always loved?

Growing up twenty-five yards from each other in a small beach town, Luke Delaney was Libby Latimer’s best friend. He was a haven in her tumultuous life. They were inseparable. Until she developed feelings that shattered the boundaries of their friendship.

Fifteen years later, Libby is a social worker who has strived to build herself a drama-free, heartache-less life. She’s content and intends to keep it that way. But when Luke lands back in town, her heart and mind turn into a battlefield. She never forgot what kissing him felt like or how it ended.

Air Marshal Luke Delaney thinks he has his life under control. After spending fifteen years literally up in the air, he returns to his hometown. A chance meeting with his former best friend rips the smooth veneer off his life, revealing essential parts of himself he thought he could live without.

Old feelings brew to the surface with each unavoidable encounter. New ones simmer. As their past and present collide, can they get a second chance, or is it years too late?

Libby & Luke’s story is perfect for readers who love: childhood best friends to lovers, second chance, slow-burn steam, a small-town setting, some emotional angst, a relatable heroine, and a swoony hero with a heart as wide as his shoulders.

Wow, what a book!! I really loved You Didn’t Love Me Then. I was so torn between wanting Liberty and Luke to get together finally and stop being friends or for her to move on. The fact that she asked him for help because her scum bag dad stole her identity and caused her some trouble. Luke went out of his way to call in favors to help her find her dad and he did. What sealed it for me is when they stayed at the hotel and she had seen that Luke had a Statue of Liberty tattoo on his chest for her. Sheesh, I just knew they were going to get together and I am glad they both realized they both loved each other.

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