Monday, October 4, 2021

What the Trees Know by Nancee Cain: Release Blitz + Review

Title: What the Trees Know
Author: Nancee Cain
Genre: Magical Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 23, 2021
Cover Design: Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design

Is magic real?

Jed doesn’t think so. Forced to live with his grandmother after the death of his parents, he’s mad at the world. He doesn’t believe in God, much less the folk magic his grandmother practices in the isolated mountains of Appalachia. He doesn’t fit in, and anger simmers within him, ready to explode.

Then Skylar arrives—a girl who’s experienced evil firsthand. Though lost in silence, she forges a connection with Jed, his grandmother, and the neighbors who come for potions and spells. Even without a voice, she embraces her new life.

Eventually Jed flees, but not for the right reasons. And his insides still burn with rage, leaving him hollow and even more unhappy—until the day he feels compelled to return home.

Skylar understands why Jed has returned. It has nothing to do with her summoning spell. He’s come home to heal. She’s known for being a healer and can consume his sins so he can find peace. But the only way she knows how requires death…

The trees shiver. They know, too. They always do.

Well, I think this is unheard of and probably has never happened before. Another 5 Feather review!!! Y'all that's 3 in a row! I LOVED this book!

However kinda odd it is, it totally worked. It's like Practical Magic meets Secret Life of the Bees all rolled into one. The "magic" is really potions and old wives tales that create certain events. Like believing a full moon is going to bring out werewolves. Or seeing a black cat cross your path and you turn and go another way. The bee's part is just like small-town life and handling the crap life brings.

The story for this book is just too much to explain. It's awesome, that's all you need to know because it's definitely a must-read! The beliefs that people believe down to their soul and how different they can be but come from the same place.....just amazing!

The characters.....WOW.....the characters are just fantastic!!! The way they all intertwine and build. Just amazingly fantastic.

I know I'm being cryptic and maybe not making much sense but I really just want you to read this book! It's a book that needs to be read to understand.

To Nancee are an amazing storyteller!!! This is a book I will always remember!!

Very Highly Recommended!!!!

Nancee is a retired addiction counselor & nurse who worked to support her coffee and reading habit. A terrible insomniac, her nights are spent writing paranormal and contemporary romances with a serrated edge. She puts the fun in dysfunctional and is a known book hoarder. 

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