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The Lies We Steal (Hollow Boys, Book One) by Monty Jay: Release Blitz + Review

Title: The Lies We Steal
Series: Hollow Boys, Book One
Author: Monty Jay
Genre: Gothic Romance
Publish Date: September 23, 2021
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It’s been months since the day we stood above that empty grave that stunk of burnt flesh and secrets. All of us were dressed to the nines, one of us wearing a wedding dress, a day that was supposed to mark the beginning of a new adventure.

It marked the bitter end of our vengeance.

We have done things that have marked our souls for eternity.

But it didn’t start out that way. Not for me.

It all started there.

The place I could find in my sleep.

Hollow Heights University in the macabre, somber seaside town of Ponderosa Springs.

A college for prestigious, wealthy children to receive the highest education. A town drowning in treachery and secrets that became our damnation.

But it wasn’t the forest surrounding the grounds or even the mysterious hidden mausoleum that haunted me.

It was them.

The ones that lurked in the night, things so wicked, so twisted, so evil, they would become the rulers of my nightmares.

The Hollow Boys.

One wrong move and I landed myself directly in their line of fire.

This is not a story about love, it is not a story of happy endings.

Love just happened to blossom in our sorrows, in our pain, our fear, our blood.

Every terrible thing they ever did, we watched, we helped, we loved them anyway.

Some run from their monsters, we fell in love with ours.

If you love a very dark twisted story with a strong heroine and some a**hole boys, this is the story for you.

The Hollow Boys, as known by everyone in town, Aliser, Thatcher, Rook, and Silas are not to be messed with. They are the heirs to the most prominent families in Ponderosa Springs and they run the town. Alister hates his family and all that they stand for and wants nothing more than to leave Ponderosa Springs and his family. The boys had a plan to leave after senior year but when tragedy strikes one of the boys, they decide to stay and get vengeance.

Briar Lowell got the chance of a lifetime to attend the elite Hollow Hills University where her life would be changed forever, but not in the way she thought.
Briar's first encounter with Alister is at a party from a distance and she is hit with instant fear but also attraction and she isn't sure what to do with that. Alister is going to help her with that in the form of torture. She sees something she shouldn’t have, and now the boys want her to keep her mouth shut so torture it is. Unbeknownst to them, Briar is no coward and will give them as good as she gets in which Alister finds he just might like.

As the hunt for vengeance continues, the boys find that this whole situation goes deeper than even they can imagine. I can't wait to follow the continuing story of our Hollow Boys and possibly the girls who can reign them in.

Author of edgy romance about broken heroes and the lovers who help them find their HEA's. Monty Jay likes to describe herself as a punk rock kid, with the soul of a wild child who has a Red Bull addiction.

When she isn’t writing she can be found reading anything Stephen King, getting a tattoo, or spending time with family.

Reach out! She loves hearing from her readers!

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