Thursday, July 8, 2021

Rent A Husband by Everly Ashton: Release Blitz + Review

Release Date: July 8

When Camila Wright hired me to fix a few things around her house I didn’t expect to find myself swindled into a fake relationship with her.


Sure, my company is called Rent-A Husband but that’s not what people actually hire me for.


But when I find her elbow deep in a tub of ice cream with tears running down her face how can I turn down her proposition?


Suddenly a fake relationship becomes a fake marriage that we have to keep up all summer. Which is all fine and good except for the part where we both agreed not to let anything ‘real’ creep into our arrangement.


But then certain parts of me start to crave certain parts of her and things become even more complicated because we both have our own reasons for wanting what we have to remain make-believe only. 

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This story was short and cute. Fake fiancé is one of my favorite tropes.
Our heroine Camila needed a repair done after she was humiliated by her ex-fiancé.
So she called a repairman.
Enters Lucas, he and his brothers own rent a husband repair shop. He’s bogged down with responsibility and doesn’t have much time for a social life, let alone a romantic one.
He has a strict rule: do NOT date the customers.
When Camila needs him to pretend to be her significant other to save face in front of said ex. He volunteers.
The fake thing turns real, very fast. The problem is… she’s been hurt so bad and he’s got his rule. We watch them get over themselves and take a chance on love.
The sexy times in this book are very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I got more information on her father, but the story is still great without it.
Now waiting for the other two brothers to be brought to their knees by some dynamic woman.

Meet Everly Ashton
Everly Ashton is a USA Today Bestselling Author who wanted to try something a little different under a new name. She loves brooding heroes, spunky heroines, and happily ever afters. You can usually find her with a Kindle in one hand and a cup of caffeine in the other. And because she’s using a pseudonym she can’t tell you much more than that. ;)

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