Friday, June 25, 2021

Un-Swipe (Socially Awkward, Book One) by Heather Lauren: Release Blitz + Excerpt + Review

Title: Un-Swipe
Series: Socially Awkward #1
Genre: Enemies to Lovers/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 7, 2021
Cover Design: Cover Bunnies

Moving to Silicon Valley is a dream come true for techy nerd girl, Cassidy Parker. She's grabbed the chance to make millions on the line but the cost was having to agree to the unthinkable, working with Xander James, a man who embodies everything she despises. Dangerous, covered in tattoos under a sleek suit and a mouth to make anyone blush, he's everything she's promised to never fall for, again. So, why is it that she can't stop thinking about that kiss that still rattles her three months later…

I loved the premise of this book. It’s new and current and refreshing. The characters are relatable in that they are strong & independent but also have enough experiences to be guarded.

Parker created an amazing dating type app. She partnered with someone that hired an ad guy. The ad guy (Xander) is not someone she likes or wants. At least that’s what she tells herself. Can she get over the hurt her ex caused to have a relationship with Xander?

I loved this book. Right up to the reason they broke up. I feel like the reason was as much Parkers fault since she created the rule he “broke”. But it still worked to give the reader a happy ending.

Highly Recommended.

“This was a fun and quick story. It's a very light reading. It's very flirty and I loved the hijinks and pranks. If you want a fun and light read well then you enjoy this one.” - Goodreads Review
“I love the world Heather has made, and it's backed with laughs which I love. I hope there's more to come from this world.” - Goodreads Review
Alone in a dark closet, I continue to pant while my body tingles with the biggest orgasm of my existence. I can’t help the perma-grin plastered on my face. I’m sure I look like a lunatic but I don’t care. Wow. Holy mother of wow. I press my fingertips to my swollen lips remembered how moments earlier Xander was devouring them like they were the best things he had ever tasted. And holy f-ing shit, he totally just fingerbanged me in an office supplies closet. My smile falls. All remainders of my euphoric orgasm have vanished and is now replaced with panic. Someone opened the door and saw us. Well saw him, he completely eclipsed me with his broad sexy shoulders and strong arms. His very large dick pressed into my belly and he was like an unmoving wall of protection. For a moment I felt both orgasmic and completely safe. Like I was his and no one else could see me. Stupid feelings. He took off without a word, it was probably just another game to him. Instead of a vicious prank, he changed the tone and in these new sex games, I get orgasms. Which are awesome. Seriously so good.

Ok, Xander, you want to play games I’ll play, but I don’t lose. I play to win and I’m coming for your orgasms. Payback will be so satisfying.

Heather is a mom of three who enjoys writing steamy contemporary romance from the comfort of her couch in sunny Arizona. She lives off coffee and toddler crumbs and is madly in love with the father of her children. She always guarantees sexy men who fall hard from strong women and happily ever afters.


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