Friday, May 7, 2021

Fractured Reign (Gravestone Elite, Book 3) by Caitlyn Dare: Blog Tour + Review

Title: Fractured Reign
Series: Gravestone Elite, Book Three
Author: Caitlyn Dare
Genre: Dark Bully Romance
Publish Date: May 6, 2021
Review Source: Candi Kane PR

When Mia wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there, she braces herself for bad news.

But nothing can ever prepare her for the truth.

Betrayed by the very people who were supposed to protect her, Mia no longer knows who to trust.

All Bexley wants is to fix things for the girl he loves, and keep those around him safe.

Even if it means embracing his legacy.

Can Bexley and Mia fight their own demons while fighting the enemies closing in around them...

Or will it be too late to save each other?

Fractured Reign is the conclusion to Mia and Bexley's dark and twisted story.

Fractured Reign is the final book in the Gravestone Elite trilogy. It is a DARK BULLY ROMANCE and contains mature content that some readers may find disturbing. You have been warned.

This was definitely not the ending I was expecting but loved this book and the series all the same. The rollercoaster of emotions and the twisted mind of Cade this like the first two books was a major page turner, with Cade on the run, everyone believing Mia is losing her mind because she sees Cade everywhere and Q keeping all their secrets close you can not help but continue to turn the pages as fast as possible to see what happens next. When coming face to face with her tormentor what is it that Mia will do and can she learn to live with her choice. I could not get enough of this series i absolutely loved Mia and Bex!!!!!

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Two angsty romance lovers writing dark heroes and the feisty girls who bring them to their knees. 

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