Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Mind Witch by Nicole Demery: Release Blitz + Review

Title: The Mind Witch

Series: The Magi, Book One

Author: Nicole Demery

Genre: Fairy Tale Fantasy

Publish Date: March 1, 2021

Review Source: Wildfire Marketing Solutions

My plan was simple and…mostly ordinary. Finish my PhD. Teach Celtic mythology in a tiny college town. Stop hearing the thoughts and feelings of every person I happened to meet.

As a wayward seer just coming into her powers, I couldn’t avoid the last one. 
But the first two were just within my reach when sorcerer-particle physicist Jonathan Lynch appeared one chilly winter morning along two other shocks:
The death of my grandmother, the most powerful seer in a generation;
And the mysterious box she protected, which just might have belonged to Pandora.

Suddenly I was tangled in a secret that had been unraveling for years, and my unruly talents and complicated inheritance were at the heart of it all.

Ordinary life would have to wait.
The extraordinary was coming for me after all.

This is part I of a series. Its short and very good. I liked it a lot and cannot wait to read the other parts. 
We meet the Main Character while she is in College trying to finish her PhD. She is wearing gloves and its not immediately understood why. Once we find out we are taken on a fantastic journey of Fae. She is a seerer so it means she can see thoughts of people with a touch. This gift is a blessing and curse. I really liked the part after the guest speaker when we became overwhelmed because you don't ever see much about the past terrors haunting people in the way they haunt her. I've always thought about this when reading paranormal books, it  was refreshing to see it written here and nicely so. 
I didn't give the book five feathers because I wanted more background on her and her family life. We get a little piece but it wasn't enough. I wished it were longer. Overall its a very promising story. 


Prior to becoming a USA Today best-selling author, Nicole Demery originally

told stories as a literature and history instructor while working on her Ph.D. in early American Studies. When not writing, she spends time with her three children, her husband, a brooding scientist, and daydreaming about her next novel.

Nicole writes books that combine the fantastical with the historical, plus a solid dash of romance. Her characters explore the ins and outs of history and myth while remaining as real as anyone you might meet.


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