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Balls to the Wall (Birch Police Department, Book One) by April Canavan: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Balls to the Wall
Series: Birch Police Department, Book One
Author: April Canavan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 16, 2021
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

I can’t escape the past no matter how fast or how far I run.
I’m broken and damaged, and nothing will change that.
Not after my husband died overseas and I was left alone.
All I can do is keep moving forward.
But what I don’t expect is one cop in particular to get under my skin.
Making me want something more.
He hates me.
Everywhere I turn, he’s there, watching me.
Waiting for me to screw up.
I’m not going to give up, though.
Not when I finally found something that makes me happy.
I know how short life can be and I’m not backing down.
Remy Townsend doesn’t stand a chance once I make up my mind.
After all, we grew up together.
And I know every button to press to get what I want.

One drunken promise is going to ruin my life.
I told him I’d watch out for his wife if he died.
The task was easy enough when I was overseas.
All I had to do was send a letter, or make a phone call.
But coming home and seeing her will be my undoing.
She’s everywhere I go.
Everywhere I turn.
Now, I can’t take my eyes off her even when I want to.
Keeping her safe means I have to stay away.
Because the thoughts going through my head ...
Well they’re enough to send me straight to hell.
Parker Hayes is quickly invading every aspect of my life.
One drunken promise… That’s what it always circles back to.
I’ve been trained to go balls to the wall with every mission.
Never back down. Never surrender. Never walk away.
Even if what we have becomes collateral damage.

Wow this book starts with a bang and ends laughing. The in-between will require Kleenex for sure. It has all the feels!

First love, different love, second chance love.... it’s all there.

I loved Remy & Parker. Their story is complex, incredibly sad, yet romantic.

The writing, the story and the characters are all amazing. Great start to a new series. I cannot wait for the next book! I haven’t read anything from this author before, but I now have a new favorite to read!

Highly Recommended!

** Balls to the Wall features cross over characters from Casey Hagen's False Start, also releasing today! **

False Start by Casey Hagen – available now!

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Book Two: Boots on the Ground – Releasing March 30, 2021

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Book Three: Bite the Bullet – Releasing May 25, 2021

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Book Four: Break it Down – Releasing July 13, 2021

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Book Five: Below the Line – Releasing September 7, 2021

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USA Today Bestselling author by day and superhero by night, April spends her time split between real and fantasy worlds.

While she writes across genres, her heart lives with Contemporary Romance that will tear her readers apart.

She lives on the rocky coast of Maine, in the perfect place to visit the ocean but still live surrounded by the woods. Her son inspires her to write, demanding stories that he's not allowed to read.

As long as she has coffee, April can conquer the world... but she hates talking about herself in third person.

Find April on social media or by visiting her website at www.aprilcanavan.com

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