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Door of Bruises (Thornchapel, Book 4) by Sierra Simone: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Door of Bruises
Series: Thornchapel, Book Four
Author: Sierra Simone
Genre: Dark Romance
Publish Date: November 30, 2020
Review Source: Candi Kane PR

Twelve years ago, our fates were sealed with a kiss.

We are all, for better or worse, doomed to love each other until death do us part. My heart belongs to Proserpina and St. Sebastian—even if he no longer wants it.  Even if she has left it behind to follow him.

Delphine’s fled back home, and Becket’s holy calling is in peril.

And now only Rebecca and I remain at Thornchapel to face the unknown.

The door is open. The door that shouldn’t exist; the door that people have died to close. I don’t feel like the lord of the manor...I don’t feel like a king or a wild god. I am a friend and a boyfriend and a brother—and a failure at being all of these things. But the door doesn’t care about my guilt. It only cares about the sacrifice I’ll make to close it.

As the bruising dark of Samhain approaches, so does the fate of our circle, of Thornchapel and the village and the valley beyond it. And I must don the crown, because one thing is still true, even if I must face it alone.

Here at Thornchapel, the kings must go to the door.

Here at Thornchapel, all kings must die.

Magic.... this book is magic. I love it. I love seeing all my favorites again. It was like visiting family or really good friends. We are back with the gang and the chaos and sexiness is still afoot. Auden, Saint, Poe, Rebecca, Dephine and Beckett are back and they are open, scarred and beautiful. The door is open and everyone is sick and they must do something about it. What? They didn't know just yet. They knew there needed to be a sacrifice but who? Who was going to be the sacrifice and what was the cost for all their hedonistic love?
I loved this book and hated it equally. I loved it because I love the characters Sierra comes up with, and I hated it because it was the end and I hated it because I hate to see them hurting. I could talk about why I love this book all day, but I want to delve into why I'm still currently bleeding all over the books I had to read after it. 
The ending... thats why. I hate it and I wished it were different. I want everything wrapped up nice and neatly in a kinky bow. This didn't happen. This was dirty and real and raw. So naturally I was sad. Ha! Without going into detail and giving anything away, I can warn you that you are not ready. I wanted a totally different ending than what I got. This series will take you on an epic journey and this finale will soothe you, but not heal you. If you're looking for a book that will slice you open, let you root around yourself and stitch you back up better than before, this isn't it. This series will slice you open, allow you to root around yourself and question everything, but it will not stitch you up beautifully. You must live with the scars and the reminder that you were there that you experienced this. 
Have fun reading!!!!

A LESSON IN THORNS (Thornchapel, Book One)

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Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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