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Touched by the Devil (Boys of Boston Prep, Book 3) by Angel Lawson & Samantha Rue: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Touched by the Devil
Series: Boys of Preston Prep, Book Three
Authors: Angel Lawson & Samantha Rue
Release Date: November 13, 2020
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
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Fights, sex, and fast cars. Those are what Sebastian Wilcox is all about.

On the outside he’s easy smiles and a quick temper, but on the inside, a war rages on.  He told the Devils his biggest secret; during a vicious fight, he accidentally hurt someone who didn't deserve it. For months now, he's been cursed by the memory of her screams. But that’s not his only hidden truth. His complicated, abusive relationship with his brother, Heston, threatens Sebastian’s health and future.

What Sugar Voss wants is simple; to get the hell away from her family, the little town of Briar Cliff, and to be left alone. A last-minute scholarship into Preston Prep makes that possible. She starts a new life with a clean slate, and no one can see how f*cked up she really is.

Sugar has one rule: keep your damn hands to yourself.

The blond-haired brute at her new school already broke that rule once, and she won't let him do it again. Unfortunately for Sugar, what she doesn’t realize is that for a guy like Sebastian, all rules are meant to be broken.

At Preston Prep, a Devil always gets his due.

A Deal With The Devil is a standalone novel in the Boys of Preston Prep series; an angsty, traumance, by USA Today Best Selling Author, Angel Lawson and Samanatha Rue.

Sebastian Wilcox claimed he would forever be a bachelor, until his biggest sin showed her face at his school. Sugar Voss, the girl with hidden secrets and a single rule to live by … keep your hands to yourself. Bass wants what he can't have and that will just not work for him. Breaking down Sugar's wall's one at a time, Bass starts to have feelings he wasn’t planning on having. Everything is good until the no-good brother of Bass shows his cards. Will Bass continue to fall for Sugar? Or will he allow his no-good brother to come between them, in order to save Sugar?

The compassion and love that comes from a devil is something you want to wrap yourself in and stay forever. If you love a good fight to fall in love story, this is definitely one you will not want to miss.

Amazon Review - “This book has so many feels in it but I love the way that they deal with all of their baggage and gets to the other side. Great book. Wish I could give it more stars.”

Amazon Review - “All the feels! Highly recommend”

Amazon Review - ✨✨Definitely worth reading!!✨✨

In the Series:

Book 1 … Devil May Care (Bully)

Book 2 … A Deal with the Devil (Brother's Best Friend)

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