Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Decompose by Layne Deemer: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Decompose
Author: Layne Deemer
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publish Date: November 10, 2020
Review Source: Wildfire Marketing Solutions

Welcome to the quiet neighborhood of Whispering Woods. It’s a lovely place to live…as long as you follow the rules.

Jeanette Singleton is a wife, mother, avid gardener, and also a bit of a serial killer. She doesn’t see it that way, though. For her, it’s a simple matter of following the rules. That isn’t hard for most people. But there are others who bend, twist, and sometimes break the rules in order to get what they want and she can’t have that. Not in her neighborhood.

Jeanette tends to Whispering Woods like she tends to her garden—nurturing it, feeding it, weeding out invasive pests, watching it thrive. It’s what makes her plan so perfect, so foolproof. You see, life requires structure and when it’s compromised, chaos ensues. But Jeanette has found the answer to that problem. A place where evil decomposes and transforms into something useful.

When new neighbors move in, she seizes the opportunity to welcome them. But as her life begins to intertwine with theirs, the lines of good and evil begin to blur. Blind trust is like a parasite and if Jeanette isn’t careful, everything she’s worked so hard to maintain will begin to rot.

 I was super excited to read this book! I usually stick to the contemporary romance, so this was a nice change of pace. I have never read anything by Ms Deemer, and I am excited to dig into her other books!!


Jeanette is a little bit of everything and is happy to serve her family. Not having much of a family growing up it’s up to her to mold her loved ones and protection is one of her attributes. Everything was going honkey dory but then the mysterious neighbors moved in and threw a monkey wrench in the fa├žade of perfection.  


I absolutely loved this book and the wit that came along with it. Jeanette takes no crap and doesn’t let anything stand in her way of having a happy family. 


Layne Deemer aims to push boundaries with her writing. Her stories deconstruct the ordinary until it becomes something else entirely.

She has a degree in Communications with a minor in English and has worked in the fields of public relations, marketing, and advertising, but writing has always been her true passion. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Her wish list of books will take her a lifetime to get through.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, Adam, their two kids, Stella and Jasper, and their bulldog, Archie. In addition to Life Forgotten, she is also the author of Frayed, a psychological thriller.

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