Monday, October 5, 2020

Stagefight (Internet Famous Collection) by Mel Walker: Release Blitz + Giveaway + Review

Collection Title: Internet Famous Collection
Title: Stagefight
Authors: Sonya Jesus, Nancy Chastain, Maree Moon, 
Cam Johns, MK Moore, Tasha Lewis, Jade Royal, Mel Walker
Release Date: September 30, 2020
Genre: Fairytale Retelling, Contemporary Romance
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

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Whether they accidentally rose to fame or staked the claim, these modern-day princes are social media royalty. Follow the Internet famous celebs as they deal with fame, power, and the consequences of falling in love. Each story is a STANDALONE fairytale retelling with an HEA and swoon-worthy alphas. There's a little something for every book craving.

Sonya Jesus's twisted retelling of Cinderella brings to life a fairytale killer obsessed with a True Crime Blogger and her Internet famous crush in SHOOK.

Mel Walker livens up the stage with his Princess and the Pea retelling, which combines music and dance into the beat of love. STAGEFIGHT.

Nancy Chastain's friends-to-lovers, sports romance, BEAST, follows the MMA fighter and his first love in a page-turning Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Tasha Lewis's Little Mermaid retelling follows the prince of the ocean on his shipwrecked voyage in DESERTED, a contemporary romance that gives love a voice. - Releasing October 30, 2020

Maree Moon's Arabian Night retelling combines sweet romance and accidental fame, turning the Internet into the genie of love and romance into a chanced encounter.  CHANCED.

Cam Johns’s dark retelling of Rapunzel is a second chance romance that will leave you craving more from this hot celebrity chef and salivating for SECONDS.

Jade Royal's lesbian romance changes up The Legend of Hua Mulan, defying the rules of gender identity, war, and the Internet by a girl more DEVOTED to win than her contenders.

MK Moore's Snow-White retelling is a steamy contemporary romance about the gamer celebrity and the girl who TROLLED him.

We all know somebody that is afraid of the stage. A fear of the unknown and little self-confidence to do what they have always dreamt of.  Enter Poppy, aka Princess P. She is a dancer in her own right. Beautiful, talented, down to earth. She dances, but in the shadows. She is brilliant, but to herself. This all changes when Prince Ali, a famous music artist walks into her life. Meeting him ensures that Poppy will never be the same.

The chemistry is instant and undeniable. Not only is Poppy good for Ali, but Poppy brings out the dancer in him. The buildup is a great pace and the story melted my heart. As a dancer, this story spoke to me and I loved every moment. Mr. Walker kept me interested and I did not put the book down until it read “The End”. Mel Walker has a new follower!

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