Sunday, September 13, 2020

Vibe by Liza James: Release Blitz + Double Review

Title: Vibe
Author: Liza James
Genre: Adult Dark Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2020

This wasn't the life I was meant to live.

According to my family, to The Nation, I should be working on my ascension.

But I couldn't. Not after everything I'd seen, everything they made me do.

After everything that had been done to me. I had to run away.

Now, it's been years of living on the outside in a life I thought I had finally pulled together.

Until I met her. She changed everything for me.

Slowly, the cracks of my facade began crumbling, revealing the secrets I hadn't realized were buried around my seemingly mundane life.

I should run again, but with her by my side? I think we can tear everything down together.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book confronts serious issues that can be potential triggers, such as rape, drugs, and violence. It does contain scenes in which sexual content is written in explicit detail.

The characters in this book are what gives Vibe it’s greatness. From the beginning, the characters are what stood out for me. From Aura’s childhood, thru to present day, they are what defines this book.

Bethie, Hawk & Aura meet Ruby and everything seems to change immediately. The relationships she had before Ruby have changed. She doesn’t feel the same way about them now. Her feelings for Ruby and her take no shit attitude have changed her and made her stronger.

The writing is excellent. The way Liza James intertwines the paths of these characters is amazing. Her story telling is awesome in the way it feels relatable.

This is a must-read book!

Highly Recommend!!

Holy .... WOOOOWWWW! I am speechless as to how the end of Vibe unraveled. This book is filled with angst, drama, hidden secrets, darkness, sex, first times and so much more. I did not foresee so many twists and turns, but my goodness did Liza James bring it! I am honestly struggling with the words for my review. It was fantastic and just ... whoa.

Each character has a depth to them, and you want to continue to know more. Even the filthy side characters. You just want to crawl inside their heads to figure out what they’re thinking. With Aura being raised in a cult, she only knew one way of life. Meeting Ruby gives her life so much more meaning and even self-discovery. The life that she knew was cold and sterile. Ruby brings out a person that Aura never knew existed within herself.

I honestly thought this book was going to just be filled with raunchy sex. Nope, not even close. The story line is so beautifully written. No matter what the past brings or what the future entails, we are held captive in how well the story is put together. This is my first F/F book, as well as my first read by Liza James, but it won’t be my last.  I am so impressed. I am in awe at her talent and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

I remember writing my first book when I was just a kid. It was a short children's story that my mom loved so much, she took the time to get our friend to illustrate all of the pages.

I had decided back then, that when I grew up I was going to be an author. Funny how we grow up and things change so drastically, right? As I got older, I began the age old search of trying to figure out exactly what I wanted in life.

I got married at 18, moved across the world with my husband and spent the next several years trying so many different things in order to find my fit. I fell in love with so many things as well, including photography, calligraphy, music, and letterpress.

But writing and reading have always remained a constant love of mine. Oddly enough, it was the only thing I never spoke about. I kept it very private, starting several different stories and ultimately not finishing them. I never spoke about what I was writing with anyone, or very very few people once in a while. I didn’t even share what I wrote with my family or my husband.

This year, a lot of things changed. I found myself coming to a place in my life as a mom, a wife, a friend, but still not as MYSELF. I continued struggling with my own identity, struggling with who I was outside of being a wife and mother. So, I made it a goal to write and finish my first novel in 2019. I decided to CHOOSE my path and create it for myself, choose my identity and allow my passion for writing to come at the forefront of that.

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend and a lover of many many things. But I am also a writer, I’m an author, and loving every moment of embracing myself in all of those things.

So, here I am today, writing this blurb about my “story” and laughing to myself just a bit. Because this is just the beginning of what my story was and is going to be, and I’m ready to embrace whatever this new adventure has for me. 

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