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Treasure You (Fusion Universe Novella) by Crystal Perkins: Release Blitz + Giveaway + Double Review

Title: Treasure You: A Fusion Universe Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2020
Cover Design: Kari March


Everyone has always told me I'm the best baker. My family, my friends, my town. Going on a televised baking competition should have been a dream come true, but it turned into my worst nightmare. Now, I need to start over in a new town, and with an old friend.

Dario Wells was once honest with me, and I punished him for it. I'm getting a second-chance at making things right--and falling back in love with him. But I need to believe in myself before I can believe in a future for us.


I worked hard to become a successful businessman, but there's always been something missing. Or someone. When Tira Coulson needs me, how can I say no? She hasn't talked to me in six years, but I've never stopped loving her.

It's time for me to prove to both of us that I can be the man who treasures her above all else--and maybe get her to bake for me again.

Treasure You has the potential to be more; the ability to be better. It feels rushed and it completely lacks a sub story. We go from not talking to someone for years, to being in a “committed” relationship in just a chapter or two. There really isn’t an in-between for Dario and Tira. The sex scenes/terms are more on the childish side, and I feel as if a teenager wrote them. There is a total disconnect with the characters and I was not able to relate to them at all.

With that being said, I feel that with more elaboration and adding more detail in certain scenes, it can become a very sweet story. One that I can really get behind. The premise of a baker and a successful businessman speaks on so many levels. Dario and Tira have a connection that is sweet, but we just need more. Let us fall in love with this duo by giving us some back story and dimension.

In this book we meet Tira and Dario. Two people who were childhood friends who wanted much more than friendship with the other, but life has a way of doing whatever it wants. There is a famous quote that says, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." This is too true. When Dario tells her the truth about her passion she gets upset and doesn't want to see him again. Years later when the ugly truth comes out in a public matter it shakes Tira to her core. She has to get away from her small town, away from the people who she feels like lied to her all her life. She's set up to stay with Dario. Can her heart handle it? Her Pride? Can he be honest with her?
I thought the story was cute and the H was likeable. My issue with the story was the h. She was very spoiled and it showed. Her unwillingness/inability to hear criticism made her very hard for me to take. The way she treated Dario after their reconciliation was also painful to read. Luckily, Dario's mistake wasn't THAT bad to make me not like him either. 
All in all, it's a good short story. 

Praise for this book:

“I loved everything about this read, the characters are wonderful, the story believable and the banter is perfect.” Thelma and Louise book blog

“Loved it. Cute, sweet and hot.” Charlene, Goodreads review

“It was heart-warming to watch as Dare works to convince Tira to take a second chance on him and his love.” Erin Lewis, Goodreads review

“ Treasure You is second chance/small town romance at its best, it will appeal to a wide audience and it’s a book I highly recommend.” Jackie Wright, Goodreads review

“I want the house in the woods, I want to shop at Dare Thee Well, I just want it all.” Julie, reviewer

“So cute! Just what I needed in quarantine” Page and Pout on Instagram

Crystal Perkins has always been a big reader, but she never thought she would write her own book, until she sat down in 2014 and did it. She's now published over 40 books, and has been featured in several anthologies as well. She lived in Las Vegas for over a decade, where you could find her running author events and winning bookseller awards. She's currently living in North Dakota to be closer to her family, but she still considers Vegas to be her home city. When she's not reading a few hundred books a year or chasing after her grandson, you can find her watching hockey (Go Knights Go!) and trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick. She loves Star Wars AND Star Trek, but if pushed to choose, it will always be Leia and her crew who come out on top. Her love of all things nerdy comes through in her book characters, no matter the genre. A mac and cheese connoisseur, she travels the world looking for the perfect version, while attending book conventions and signings as a cover for her research. Poutine research is also conducted regularly on her trips.

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