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Forever You (You & Me, Book Three) by Lyssa Cole: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Forever You
Series: You & Me, Book Three
Author: Lyssa Cole
Genre: NA College Romance
Publish Date: August 27, 2020

Book three of this interconnected series concludes with messes and scars, heartbreak and forgiveness, and love that’s worth it all.

Some love is messy, some love is hard,
But in the end, it’s worth every scar.

Levi broke me. He took my heart and smashed it into pieces.
Dean picked them up and slowly started to glue them back together.
Until one day, one glance, one tragedy…
Changed everything I thought I wanted.

A heart so cold. A body so wounded.
A man so destroyed.
I may have walked away but I never really left.

With broken hearts and words of forgiveness, will we find our happily ever after?
Or are we changed forever?

*Warning- Series must be read in order

WOW!! I don’t even know where to start!! This series tore me apart. What an amazing depiction of addiction; not only alcoholism but love. 


Music is life to Raina and for her to meet someone that feels the same is intoxicating. First it started off amazing but the more the relationship went on the messier it got. How can she keep trying to help when all Levi does is push her away? 


Levi is a musician. A musician that has lost a lot in his young life. He has an amazing best friend that truly has his back. Not many friends would honestly be there at your breaking point and stick around to help put you back together again. Can Levi say the same for Raina? Will she be there to put him back together again? 


Like I said in my introduction, this story is about alcoholism and lets just say that I am SO freaking happy I got to read this series when they were ALL currently out and available. I don’t think I would’ve been too happy if I couldn’t instantly indulge in the next book in the series. I not only loved Levi, but I hated him at the same time. Raina on the other hand I could’ve shook at times! I think it being so real and raw it hit home a lot more. I was truly enthralled with this series and this was a great ending to it all. 

Grab Lovin’ You & Ghostin’ You here

Lyssa Cole has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Escaping into a story is her favorite pastime. Wanting to be a writer for a couple years, she is now crafting her own stories. She loves to write angsty sexy romance with lots of heat and some suspense to keep you guessing and wanting to turn that page! She lives in Southeastern Mass with her two kids and two dogs. Lover of coffee, all things chocolate, & always the avid reader. 

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