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Color Me Pretty: A Father's Best Friend Romance by B. Cleste: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Color Me Pretty: A Father’s Best Friend Romance
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: June 25, 2020
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

For as long as I could remember, Theodore West was in my life as the support system I needed when my parents were too busy building our family’s future.

He offered me shoes to dance on, a shoulder to absorb my tears, and the harsh reality of where my life was leading when I was at my lowest point.

And when the future my parents planned derailed after a statewide scandal, I had no choice but to fantasize about one for myself that didn’t involve them.

 But Theo? He was always in it.

My father’s best friend.

The man who would undoubtedly end me if I didn’t end him first.

Color Me Pretty is such a soulful, beautiful read. The life and times of an American girl, who over time falls deeply in love with Theo, a man who helped raise her. Her father’s best friend. With her father no longer around, Della relents to her feelings and there is no turning back. The problem is ... everyone knows that Theo has been a part of her life since she was little. The disapproving stares and whispers behind their backs is their main concern. How will the town feel about a relationship between two life-long friends, when they’re 20 years apart?

I honestly love every book that B. Celeste has written. Every one of them is down to earth, real life events that unfold. Never anything outlandish or impossible. Actually, very probable. Her descriptions and background knowledge show that she does her research and I just love that about Ms. Celeste. Please continue to write and give us what we so desperately crave!

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I bent down and kissed her again, groaning when her tongue swiped mine. “If I don’t come inside you at least once tonight, I’ll probably die, sweetheart. That would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?” -Theo, Color Me Pretty

“I’m surprised you didn’t get sick of me always bugging you to dance then.” I’d been relentless and he always did as I asked. My father joked I’d had him wrapped around my finger, a place I wanted him to always remain, even if that was selfish.
“I didn’t mind.”
“You never used to—” I squealed when he lifted me up and guided my feet to his shoes where they rested as soon as he dropped me back down, then started laughing when he kept dancing just like that. Like the old times.
“I enjoyed those days, Della,” he told me honestly, his face drawing back ever so slightly until his breath caressed the side of my face.
“You did?”
Half his lips quirked up. “I did. Those were simpler times when there was nothing heavy to worry about.”
I licked my lips as his nose grazed mine. My heart sped in my chest as I closed my eyes again and willed him to close the gap between our lips, but it never came. So I said, “Things now are certainly complicated because of my father…”
His sigh was felt in my soul, heavy and burdened, and I wanted to know his thoughts. “It isn’t just your father that makes things complicated now.”
“It isn’t?”

A pause. “No, Della, it isn’t.”

B. Celeste’s obsession with all things forbidden and taboo enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, emotional romance.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.

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