Monday, October 14, 2019

The Mogul and the Muscle (A Bluewater Billionaires Novel) by Claire Kingley: Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway

Title: The Mogul and the Muscle
Series: A Bluewater Billionaires Novel
Author: Claire Kingsley
Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 14, 2019
“I wanted this man’s arms around me, cocooning me in safety. I wanted to feel like I didn’t have to be brave for a few hours. I wanted to let him be my courage. My protection. My shield.”

Cameron Whitbury—billionaire aerospace mogul—can engineer her way out of any problem. Sure, she’s living with the threat of a potential sex scandal thanks to her lying ex. And that attempted mugging in her parking garage might not have been a random attack.
But she’s totally got this. Sacrifice her privacy to an overprotective bodyguard? No thanks. She doesn’t need a six-foot-five, motorcycle-riding, square-jawed, hazel-eyed man-beast shadowing her every move.
Jude Ellis—one-man security operation and professional problem solver—is ready to retire from the cloak and dagger stuff to live a normal life. He doesn’t need another client. Not even one with coppery-red hair and mile-long legs who looks hot AF in a sexy pair of heels.
To appease her worried friends, Cameron hires Jude as her bodyguard. And despite their feisty banter and their rampant—and totally inappropriate—sex fantasies, they’re both determined to keep it professional.
But as the danger to Cameron escalates, the heat simmering between them just might combust.
Author’s note: Big wall-of-man hero with a fierce (and growly) protective streak. Confident and snarky heroine. All the banter. Sex in a closet. And a daring rescue with a big, heart squishing HEA.
Claire Kingsley is a new to me author. Boy, I feel like I have been living under a rock! The Mogul and the Muscle is the second in the stand-alone series, but I didn’t feel lost at all. 

Cameron Whitbury is a billionaire extraordinaire. She has her own aerospace company and with the help of some friends has built a grand little community. 

Jude Ellis now works for himself but is trying REALLY hard to retire. He is in the security business but not just any security business. He is a damn expert at what he does but just when he is ready to retire for the 50thtime his best friend asks him for a favor. 

Cameron’s’ friends are worried for her safety and go behind her back and hire her a private security guard without her knowledge. Jude shows up to her office to get acquainted with his new client and of course she humored him but had no clue as to why he was there. From the get-go these two had chemistry but they both are professionals, right? 

I loved the book and look forward to what will come next! I am a fan of Claire’s writing style and felt fully engaged throughout the book. I did like reading about a strong heroine for a change. There’s nothing like a woman that has a head on her shoulders and has their life together. Overall, I would totally recommend this book!  

Heat, Heart, & Happily Ever After
Claire Kingsley writes sexy contemporary romance and romantic comedies. She loves sassy, quirky heroines, swoony heroes who love their women hard, panty-melting sexytimes, romantic happily ever afters, and lots of big feels.
She can’t imagine life without coffee, her Kindle, and the sexy heroes who inhabit her imagination. She’s living out her own happily ever after in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three kids.

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