Monday, June 24, 2019

The Temptation of Cinderella by: Lisa London

Title: The Temptation of Cinderella

Series: Cinderella & Her 7 Guards #1

Author: Lisa London

Genre: Reverse Harem Romance

Release Date: May 2, 2019

Pumpkin Spice lattes, shopping for the perfect shoe, I’m a simple girl. I never thought I could find a great man, but now I have seven. Seven smoking hot brothers who want to satisfy me. But am I woman enough to handle them all?

The Temptation of Cinderella is the first of three books in the Cinderella & Her Seven Guards series. Come hang with Cinderella and her friend Snow from the best selling Snow & Seven SEALs series.

Well...I really kinda liked this book in spite of my first thoughts. Which is a good thing.

My first thoughts were pretty bad. Seven men? Smoking hot septuplets, one girl, no family and only one friend with a dead end job? Oh and the men run a billion dollar company and share everything....including their woman.

However, with anyone else writing this, it may have turned out very badly. But I really did enjoy it. It's very hot, very sweet and well.....VERY HOT!!!!

Each male character is defined fairly well, although in this first book we really only get into three of them. Which makes the book even more enjoyable since there is the anticipation of the others joining.

There is also a definite story line which makes it much more exciting for the reader also. I love Emma!! She's sweet and innocent but also has a backbone when she needs it.

This book may not be all that relatable, but even that made me enjoy it very much! Sometimes a girl just wants to be a princess and have all the seven men rescue her!!! :)

Highly Recommend!

Lisa London is a contemporary romance and erotica author.

When she's not writing or recording YouTube videos, she's either getting her daily ice cream scoop at Salt & Straw or watching a Marvel or DC movie. 

She recently relocated from NY to San Diego for the amazing weather and daily views of the ocean. 

She loves connecting with readers and aspiring writers on her YouTube Channel where she responds to each and every comment, post and question so come on over and say hello.


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