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I Dream of Spiders by Elle Keating: Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway

Title: I Dream of Spiders  
 Author: Elle Keating 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: March 19, 2019
Review Source: eARC
The move to the remote town of Quarry Hill, Pennsylvania was supposed to help Griffin McGuire start over and forget the two people who betrayed him. As a paramedic at the local hospital, he would still have to interact with people, but the rest of the time he could hole himself away in the secluded cabin he was renting. It was perfect. For the first time in over a year, he felt like he could finally breathe.

That was until he met her.

A woman who doesn’t know her own name or why she was covered in blood and standing in the middle of the road when he found her. Griffin knows he should contact the police, but something is preventing him from going to the authorities. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he was correct in trusting his instincts. Every time she falls asleep, she dreams and another memory is unlocked. Memories that are horrific and make him want to protect and hide her from the world.

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Elle Keating is a new to me author. I’ve heard of her work, but I have never had the chance to indulge until now. I Dream of Spiders kept me entertained and I never found myself bored. I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen, I love when a book is unpredictable. 

Griffin McGuire is on the run from his past. He moves to a small secluded town so he can have a fresh start. His Navy buddy has a cabin out in the woods he doesn’t really want to deal with, so Griffin jumps at the chance and moves in. It’s far enough away from people but close enough to his new job as a paramedic for the town hospital. 

Suffering from PTSD, Griffin is not looking for a relationship or a companionship for that matter. That is until he finds a woman in the road that is bloody and can’t remember who she is. She is scared and lost so he takes her in with hopes to nurse her back to normal….but what is normal? 

This story took me on an adventure of compassion for the unknown; two lost souls searching for normalcy. This book took me by surprise. It had more depth than what I was expecting. I really loved the characters and really loved how each one had their own chapters so we could pick their brains a bit. Overall I was very pleased and am anxiously waiting for the next book! 

Elle Keating is the author of romance novels with sexy heroes and fierce females. Her first book, Thrill of the Chase (Dangerous Love, #1), was published by Forever Romance’s digital imprint, Forever Yours, in 2015. Cut to the Chase (Dangerous Love, #2) soon followed. Most recently, Elle self-published Wanting More (Dangerous Love, #3), Back to the Start (Dangerous Love, #4) Feels Like Falling (Dangerous Love, #5) and the standalone novel, Keeping His Commandments.

When Elle isn’t torturing her heroes and heroines (don’t worry, there’s always a happily ever after), she is a public school administrator and enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children in New Jersey. For more on Elle and her books, visit


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