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Keep It Classy (Bear Bottom Guardians MC, Book 7) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release Blitz + Double Review

Title: Keep It Classy
Series: Bear Bottom Guardians MC, Book Seven
Genre: MC Romance
Publish Date: March 5, 2019
Review Source: InkSlinger PR

Well, technically speaking, maybe not. But the ones that haunt a man’s soul? Those are very real. So real, in fact, that there are times when Castiel would rather silence them forever in the worst way possible than to go on living with them haunting his every step.

All it took was one single second in time for his attention to drift, and everything changed.
Life as he once knew it, is over.

Now he’s struggling to make sense of the pieces that are left, and he’s fairly sure at least half of them are missing.
He’s living for three things now.

His club—the Bear Bottom Guardians.

His work as a police officer for Bear Bottom Police Department.

And the occasional glimpse of a girl that makes his spirit feel free.

Despite the ghosts that haunt him, he’s not willing to present them with another target. Which is why he has to stay away from her. He can’t touch her. He can’t talk to her. He can’t get anywhere near her.

Not and live with himself afterward.

The only problem is, Turner doesn’t care what Castiel wants. She also has a solution for his ghosts.

You may call her Ms. Ghostbuster.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. I cried like a baby, snot hanging to my chin and all. That being said it was an AMAZING book. You know it has to be amazing when I read it even when I’m running on my treadmill. Yeah, I’m not too coordinated to say the least, but I couldn’t put this one down. I even snuck some reading in at work. 

If you’ve read the previous book in this series, you’d know that Castiel and Turner don’t especially like each other. This was fun to watch their relationship take shape. I absolutely LOVED these two so much. Turner is so damn independent and Castiel just doesn’t want to get hurt. 

Like any book by the amazing Lani Lynn Vale, this one hooked me from the start. She has a way with words to keep your interest from the very beginning to the end. I say this with every book, but I think I’ve found my favorite!!! 

Lani’s books are always exceptional. I am always able to be one with the characters and really get to know each and every one of them.

Keep It Classy was no different and was just hilarious. The banter between Castiel and Turner was off the charts. Sometimes I would be laughing so hard, that I had tears running down my face. No matter their relationship status, they were always at each other‘s throat‘s and it made me laugh so hard. Speaking of tears… I needed a box of Kleenex by my side for a couple of the chapters. It was very real, very heartbreaking and it kind of tore my heart out. That just shows the writing creativity that Lani holds. Someone who can make another person joyous one moment, and crying tears of grief the next, has some serious talent. She never ceases to amaze me and that is why I love her so much.

I have been following Lani Lynn Vale for quite some time now and that will not end anytime soon. If you have not read this series, make sure that you do so quickly. Bear Bottom Guardians MC is one of my favorite MC series out there, to date. This book deserved every single star that there is. Happy reading!

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Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.


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