Monday, March 4, 2019

Defying Gravity by: Isabella Cassazza - Release w/Review


Title: Defying Gravity

Series: An Ice Tigers Hockey Novel

Author: Isabella Cassazza

Genre: Sports Romance/Love Triangle

Release Date: February 25, 2019 Cover Design: Marianne Nowicki

Two men, a woman—an unexpected love story. Tyler Wolfe has it all, or does he? He’s living his dream, playing pro hockey for the Boston Ice Tigers, and at thirty he’s become one of the NHL’s top scorers. Everything would be perfect if he didn’t have to hide the most important thing in his life.

Danny Fisher has had enough. Almost two years of hiding his relationship with Tyler have taken a toll on him, and when his very own hockey hottie is supposed to take part in his team’s social media dating show romancing women, Danny considers leaving Tyler.

Lily Parker is struggling with her career. Training young horses isn’t an easy job—one where she has recently been lying in the dirt more than being on the horse. An evening meant to leave her problems behind her leads to a chance encounter with Danny and Tyler, complicating her life even more.

Can Lily help Danny and Tyler overcome their problems, or will her presence cause even more trouble in their relationship?

What a sweet book! Just sweet and HOT and steamy!!!

Lily might be the most selfless character I've ever read about. She is always thinking of others. This lands her right between TWO hot guys. 

One of them is a hockey player, Tyler, and can't be "out" until his career is over. This is several years down the road. His partner, Danny, is having to deal with being in the closet and just a roommate and it's been going ok. But they are now being tested. Tyler has to date. More than that he has to do this contest about winning a date with a hockey hottie. This is putting a major strain on their relationship. Just as they are making up....Lily comes into the picture.

These characters are wonderful. So selfless and just grown up. They are hot and their chemistry, from the very beginning, is off the charts.

The writing is great! The characters are amazing! The story is wonderful!!!!

Highly Recommend!!!

Isabella Cassazza lives in Austria. She has been an avid reader from an early age, and when she’s not writing, she usually has a book in her hands. 

Other than that, she enjoys a good hockey game, equestrian sport and chocolate—lots of chocolate.



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