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Entwined (Dark Necessities, Book Three) by Felicity Brandon: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Entwined
Series: The Dark Necessities, Book Three
Genre: Dark Romance/Kidnap Thriller
Release Date: February 6, 2019

Can a monster ever find redemption?

Free from her captor, author Molly Clary might be back at home, but she’s just as lost as ever. In the isolation of her new-found freedom, Molly makes a startling revelation; she can no longer function without Connor Reilly. She can’t write without him; she can’t live without him.

The admission leads Molly into the most intense and dangerous chapter of her twisted love affair yet, and by reaching out to Connor again, she must decide if she can really leave her old life behind to venture into the dark and mysterious confines of the organization known only as The Syndicate.

For a couple whose love is built on lust, and fear and submission, there should be no happy ending. But as Molly helps her kidnapper lay his ghosts to rest, the question beckons, can they forge their own brand of happiness regardless? Can Connor finally be delivered into a consensual union with his kitten, and will it be enough to satisfy both of their dark needs?

Buy the captivating conclusion to The Dark Necessities trilogy and devour this tantalizing finale.

Book three in the Dark Necessities series brings so much to the surface. Molly can’t help but still be drawn to Connor. Even though he was her captor, she searches him out, in hopes of reconnecting. Even still, Molly feels unsure of what is to come. She’s free … does she want to possibly be under his thumb, once again?

The twisted part is that she has concluded that she seeks out his sexual abuse. The power that he holds over her and the way that Connor seems to need her. It all starts coming together when Molly helps Connor break down his walls and fight his demons.

Can Molly successfully leave the life that she knows, leaving family and friends behind? Or will she ultimately see that Connor will never be the man that she seeks?

Entwined is a long book, so you get your monies worth. However, I did feel that there was a bit too much fluff and leaving some of the unnecessary parts out, wouldn’t make it feel somewhat drug out. Felicity Brandon’s writing is intriguing, and I am happy that I was able to read such a dark and exciting thriller!

In the series:

Taken (The Dark Necessities, Book One)

Tamed (The Dark Necessities, Book Two)

Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author. She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission. You'll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favorite music.

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