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Wicked Player (Rough Riders, Book Three) by Stacey Lynn: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Wicked Player
Series: Rough Riders, Book Three
Author: Stacey Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Publish Date: January 29, 2019
Review Source: Social Butterfly PR

Gage Bryant has the best hands and the quickest feet of any wide receiver in football.
He also has a secret—one he’ll do anything to protect.

He’s a member of The Velvet Club. With airtight non disclosure agreements, playing at Velvet gives him the freedom to assert his dominance and control in a way that not only serves him on the football field, but the way he craves in the bedroom.

What he doesn’t expect is for his most recent partner to be one of the reporters assigned to follow him around in the weeks before he opens a new wing at the local children’s hospital.

When it’s clear Elizabeth Hayes has no idea he’s the man who had her blindfolded and bound beneath him, Gage realizes things just got a lot more interesting.

He can have her body at night, giving her all the pleasure she begs for in a way he needs. And he can keep his heart, as well as his identity, out of their encounters.

After all, the absolute worst thing that could happen would be to have this sexy little reporter reveal how wicked he truly is.

Do you want a story where the hero is a saint? With a man that put children’s needs in front of his own? To make him even more amazing ... a personal charity for sick children? Well, that is who Gage Bryant is. He also has a strong need for dominating sex. As much sex as he can get. However, he’s a big known athlete. He can’t let anyone know this need and desire that he has. It’s so strong, so he finds solace in The Velvet Club. A private club where he can dominate, without anyone knowing who he is. You see...the sub is blindfolded, so no one is the wiser.

Elizabeth Hayes is a reporter who is looking to step up in the news world. Knowing that she would be in the public eye, she can’t let anything get in the way of that dream. She is also a sexual being and knows what she wants. However, after being hurt, she’s not looking to get into anything serious. For now… she will focus on reporting for Gage Bryant. The famous football player and just try to keep her hands to herself.

This is my first read by Stacey Lynn and I am so happy that I found her. I like that this is not a typical story. Not a typical boy meets girl kind of book. There’s adventure and kink and sneakiness. I just love reading drama and Wicked Player definitely did it for me. Well done Stacey, you have a new fan!

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