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Flamed With Courage (Cash Bar, Book 3) by Hayley Faiman: Book Release + Giveaway + Review

Title: Flamed With Courage
Series: Cash Bar Novel, Book Three
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre:  Adult MC Romance
Release: August 20, 2018

Whitley’s main goal in survival is to stay unnoticed. A shadow against a wall, and nothing else.

Taken by a Notorious Devil in the midst of chaos, she’s no longer unseen.

Free, Vice President of the Devils has lived a lifetime of guilt. It consumes him, threatens to control him with every breath he takes.

He was resigned to a lifetime of paying his penance for the past. At least, until he sees her.

Scared, threatened, and young. She is his chance to lessen his guilty conscious—to protect an innocent.


 **Recommended for readers 18+ due to Violence, Language, and Sexual Content.**

Let’s start off by saying that Flamed with Courage is a FIVE star read. I don’t give them out very often anymore. In order to receive a five, for me, the book must hit every single mark. A great backstory, an unpredictable plot, thrill, adventure, sorrow, compassion, love and humor. This book has ticked off each and every mark and then some. I was actually saddened that it was over. I wanted more.

Free started off as a hero and then in my eyes, turned into a giant douche. There were times that I spoke to my kindle as if Free was standing next to me. “Oh, hell no”, “dude, what is your deal?” But that right there speaks volumes. Hayley Faiman knew what she was doing. She made him, as well as every other character very relatable. Hayley gave us not only their back stories, but their hearts. She served them up to us on the finest of silver platters. We get to crawl deep inside of their heads and pick them apart. Free and Kitten were created so that we feel as though we have known them our whole lives. The tumultuous life that Whitley aka Kitten has lived is nothing short of gut wrenching and Free was there to rescue her and make him whole again. You see, he has lived quite a devastating life as well. However, their love will conquer all and time does heal all wounds, doesn’t it?

You will find yourself rooting for their love to endure the deepest depths of the ocean. Once you think that their problems have come to an end, another situation arises, and you find that need them to survive it. This series is addicting. I have found myself always thinking of Hayden and Crooner from the previous book. That is how amazingly well these books are written. They are never far from your mind. Be sure to pick up Flamed with Courage. Trust me, you will thank me later!! And PS … keep reading after the epilogue. Gracie and Skinner allow us to read their love story. Enjoy!

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