Friday, August 17, 2018

Depredation by Natalie Bennett: Release Blitz + Giveaway + Double Review

Title: Depredation
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller
Publish Date: August 15, 2018

Kidnapped. Tortured. Corrupted.

 He stole me away in the middle of the night.

 A windowless cell with a floor of stone became my new home.
His many victims became my temporary friends.

He took and he took until I had nothing left to entertain him with.
And then I was abandoned and left to die, just like all the other girls.

He has no idea I’m alive.
He doesn’t know he woke the devil inside me.

 When I find him, nothing in the world will be strong enough to save his tar black soul.

** 18+ Reader discretion is highly advised! **

I like messed up stories. This is the messiest of messed up stories.

We have Harper and J. Two complete strangers who paths cross and to call it a whirlwind affair would be misleading. A tornado of cluster fuck on the other hand is more appropriate. J is sick and inappropriate. I’m not 100% sure what his reasoning is for doing the things he does, but there a little surprise twist in there too that had me shook.

Harper is your typical girl, unfortunately he isn’t anything special so I don’t understand the infatuation.

I really have no words. Was I mad at it? Well honestly, no... do I get as well. This is a psychological thriller filled with wtf moments and will have you reading with bugged eyed abandon.

This story is short and sweet.

This is a hard review for me. While I love Natalie Bennett and ALL of her books, this one left me with a nagging feeling of “WTF”!!

 This story lacked the emphasis that made J do what he did to Harper. I felt that we just picked up on the fact that he was a sick, sadistic piece of trash that got off on torturing Harper. I didn’t feel like I understood why he chose her and why he tortured her in the manner that he did. It was a quick read and as much as I love dark and demented, it was simply lacking in a lot of places.

 With that said, Natalie is a brilliant writer. She draws you in and keeps you captivated. I have read each and every single one of her books, because she is that good. Please don’t let my feelings on Depredation sway you from reading what she puts out. This one just didn’t hit the high marks that she typically hits, for me. 


Natalie Bennett is your average socially awkward author that turns her spontaneous head ramblings into stories.

She has a penchant for writing about villainous immoral men, crazed anti-heroines, and tends to deviate away from traditional HEAs.

She likes chocolate, Netflix, and Prickly Pear Margaritas.

When she isn't writing she's hanging out in the sunshine state with her husband, their three boys, and her pitbull named Lulu.

You can find Natalie on Social Media!


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