Sunday, July 15, 2018

Slumbersexual: A Novella by Everley Strong: Review

Title: Slumbersexual
Author: Everley Strong
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: July 1, 2018
Review Source: Author

After finding out her boyfriend got the girl he'd been cheating on her with pregnant, Sara moves quickly into a loud, crowded house of mostly men. One man in particular makes her lady parts cheer and seems to be just what she needs. A few nights of casual hookups are just what the doctor ordered, until she discovers that her new roommate might not be all that perfect after all.

A new adult romance about roommates and the steamy, lonely nights between them.

**This book is a novella and contains adult content.**

Breakout author Everley Strong makes you fall in love with a group of young adults who get to know each other in such a unique way. Hilarious situations, sexual tension, characters to fall in love with … the whole shebang. Totally relatable and knowing that both characters, Rory and Sara crave IKEA meatballs makes them even more awesome.

Slumbersexual (amazing name, by the way) is a nice, quick and easy read. Moderately paced, you won’t want to put it down. I can only hope that Everley will continue on and give us more to this series. I would love to know what happens with the room-mates and the band. I think this has potential for another fantastic book, while giving us more of what we want.  Everley, you have a follower for life!

Everley Strong is a first time author who lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and daughter. She strives for the day when she can buy a house on enough land so she can finally adopt a piglet that her husband will lovingly refer to as Bacon.


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