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Chased with Strength (A Cash Bar Novel) by Hayley Faiman: Amazon Tour + Giveaway + Review

Title: Chased with Strength: Notorious Devils
Series: Cash Bar, Book Two
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release: June 25, 2018
Cover Design: Cassy Roop @ Pink Ink Designs
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

Loaded with scorching heat, nail biting suspense, and deeply emotional love, Chased With Strength is a book that completely takes you over the second you start reading.” ~ The Red Hatter Book Blog

Hayden was created by a man named after the devil himself. She is a survivor. A girl who has seen more of hell than any one person ever should.

A new life was handed to her, when the Notorious Devils saved her.

Crooner had a family of blood once. Orphaned, his life seemed to fall apart, until he met the Notorious Devils.

He had all the family he thought he needed. That is, until a teenage single mother in need of protecting is thrown into his path.

He knows he’s no good for her. She’s too tempting to resist. Their road will be rough—their journey is not for the weak.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to Violence, Language and Sexual Content.*

Having read Hayley Faiman before, I knew that I would love Chased with Strength. Although it may be a bit taboo for some, this was right up my alley. A May-December relationship can be so refreshing, especially when each are a bit damaged.

Love is what we make it and it comes with it's own challenges, although the rewards can outweigh said challenges. Love comes with fear of the unknown. From insecurities from past relationships to damage due to heartbreak. However ... that one special person can erase all that fear. Bring you into their world and encompass you in a heart full of gold. Not everything or everyone is perfect, but it is those flaws that make you want to jump by leaps and bounds. That is Chased with Strength. Accepting love as it comes. Accepting each other for who they are. Sure, Hayden and Crooner have their troubles, but don't we all? One thing is for certain ... their strength cannot be altered or broken. Love conquers all.

In the Series:

Laced with Fear

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