Monday, April 30, 2018

Changing Lanes (Satan's Sinners MC, #5) by Colbie Kay: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Changing Lanes
Series: Satan's Sinners MC, #5 
Author: Colbie Kay
Genre: MC Romance
Publish Date: April 30, 2018
Review Source: eARC


Our paths collided once before, and because of it I was destroyed. I haven't been able to put myself back together, I've barely lived, and time has yet to heal my bleeding wounds.

I never thought I'd have to see her again—that is, until she walked into the clubhouse years later and all of my hate for her returned to the surface.

She's trying to integrate herself into my world, a world she doesn't belong in, and I'm doing everything I can to keep that from happening.

Even if that means hurting her.


I'm drowning, sinking so far down into this black hole I don't know if I can survive. The one person that was always supposed to be there wasn't; he couldn't handle it, so he left.

It's time I seek help, but how far am I willing to go to get what I need?

The only one who can help me is the one that hates me most of all.

People are depending on me—if I fail, it doesn't just affect me, and I need to do what I have to for them.

It's time he realizes it wasn't my fault.

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This book had my heart in knots!!! It honestly had ALL the feels and kept me on the edge of my seat. The pace was perfection and I fell hopelessly in love with Hacker.

Hacker had his life literally taken away from him in an instant and years later is still a cold shell of who he used to be. He’s a beast that nobody wants to tame.

Sierra also has been through hell and back. She’s trying really hard to get the pieces of her shattered life back together.

So, with the past these two have with each other it’s kind of a rough start and Hacker is not the nicest person but there’s a shift in the story that makes you admire the guy quite a lot. Not only admire but yearn for him.  

I loved almost every second of this book. I was angry in the beginning but trust me and READ ON!! You won’t be disappointed. What Sierra is going through personally really hit home with me and really tugged my heart. I love her character to death…such a selfless soul. Overall, this book had me in tears, screaming and wanting to claw someone’s eyes out, but most of all the story had my heart swelling at the seams. Loved Hacker, what a man!!

Colbie Kay always had a love for reading and wanted to pursue

writing. In 2015 she made that dream come true when she published her

first book. Since then she has become a stay-at- home mom, writing full-

time and bringing her passion to life through the words she creates.

The most fulfilling part of being an author for Colbie is to take

readers into a fantasy world between the pages of her books. Becoming

an author has also given her the opportunity to fill another passion of

hers, which is traveling. She loves being able to attend book signings

and meeting everyone that shares her love of books.

Colbie has many more stories to share with you, so be sure to connect

with her and keep up with what is coming next.


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