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Beyond The Masks by: Nicky F. Grant - Blog Tour

Title:  Beyond the Masks
Series:  Beyond Love Series #1
Author:  Nicky F. Grant
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Release Date:  February 27, 2018

Hidden Agendas…

Secret Identities…

Nothing is off limits.

Shane Vaughn loves her job as CEO of Omega Records except when it stalls out her love life. After surviving heartbreak at the hands of the all-consuming Jacob Andrews, she's demanding no-strings, uncomplicated liaisons from now on. A night of submission at the exclusive pleasure club, The Resort, sounds like the perfect solution. An anonymous arrangement with a masked Dom should be simple, right?

Not when the Dom is Gavin Mayne, Omega Records' Talent Director. 

Unbeknownst to her, his intentions are more than pleasure. Gavin plans to take her job, and sleeping with the enemy never felt so good. 

But with the return of Jacob Andrews into her life, Shane is forced to decide which man to trust with her heart, and which one she should leave behind.

Wow!!!! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Ok. So had to start with the Hotness factor!!! Of course. But other words like CEO, love triangle, multiple POV’s and emotions are right there with all the BDSM hotness that’s going on. I literally read this book in 3 days! Its so good and having the CEO as the female MAIN character - Genius!!!!

Shane, Gavin and Jacob. One has hurt her and the other one is new. What do you do when the relationship fails you but you’re still involved and have someone new that wants you with a passion you haven’t felt in a long time?

For a debut book this author is amazing. The writing, the complexity of all the point of views and even the back characters…..just wow! Congrats on an amazing first book. I personally look forward to reading all her next ones.

Highly Recommend!

“What?” Shane asked.
“Nothing.” Jacob’s voice came through anxious.
“It isn’t nothing. You’re doing your thing,” she said, wrinkling her nose.
“What thing?” he half laughed.
She pointed, making circles around his face. “When your jaw gets tight and your eyes get all angry.”
“I don’t have a thing, Shane.” She raised her eyebrows. He exhaled. “All I was going to say was maybe one more night together for good measure. A free pass. No decisions made until tomorrow.”
His eyes flared a green-glowing fire when he leaned on the sides of her stool, trapping her. The mood shifted. Playful, upset, then fucking sexy as hell.
“Nothing good would come out of that, and you know it.” She focused on the grooves along the hardwood floors. A tingling feeling in her gut spread like wildfire through her veins. Oh, God.
“You can’t tell me you aren’t the slightest bit interested.”
She remained paralyzed. “I…”
“Tell me,” he whispered. The energy seeping from his body made her stomach flip. The familiar demands from him never truly left her. Her body succumbed to his voice. It was torture to hold out, her courage to resist slipping. To revisit what they’d had—for one night—wouldn’t be a hardship on her libido.
She gazed into his eyes, a calm control centering her. “I am interested.” A sly smile appeared on his perfect face. “But I set the rules this time. I want it hard, and I want it deep. Tomorrow, we go back to how we are, decisions unmade. No expectations, no strings. Agreed?”

Nicky F. Grant is a romance novelist with a passion for power. She immerses her readers in stories filled with strong, complex, and sexually vibrant female characters, all of whom are on a quest to unlock their fantasies and realize their fullest potential. 

As a writer, Nicky imbues each of her stories with equal parts love and lust, which she believes are among the strongest emotions we can experience. By immersing her readers into worlds of power and erotic passion, she invites them to explore their own unspoken desires. Her hope is that her stories embolden her readers to realize their fullest potential - be it in the boardroom, the bedroom, or anywhere in between.

Nicky makes her home in Pittsburgh, PA with her loving husband and ever-growing collection of music and books.


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