Friday, November 3, 2017

Field Tripped by Nicole Archer AD Agency book #3

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Today we have the Blog Tour for Field-Tripped by Nicole Archer. Check it out and buy your copy today!


I was done with games. But playing with her is so much fun.
Ten years ago, I was all set to compete in the winter Olympics. Then I lost everything—my career, my best friend, and my girlfriend. After that, I stopped playing games for good. I swore never to go back to Colorado. Too many bad memories. Plus, she’s still there. Now I live a simple life as a creative director at Shimura Advertising in New York. All is good, until my boss cons me and my coworkers into spending two weeks in Colorado at Proton Sports’ sleep-away camp for adults, pitching their business. Turns out Proton’s idea of a pitch is making the agencies battle each other in a bunch of ridiculous winter games. Guess who owns the rival company? Her. And she’s out to get me. I might just let her win.
*Field-Tripped is Book 3 in the in the Ad Agency Series and can be read as a standalone.
Oh my!
I absolutely loved this book.
This is book 3 in the Ad agency series. In this second chance romance, we have Eli and Charlie. Two strong willed active people whom youll absolutely fall in love with. Eli and Charlie are rivals at different ad agency’s. They both need to win this big account for different reasons and this is a truly hilarious and sexy battle of the sexes.
1. I love Charlie. She gets in her own way a lot, but she puts herself out there, she’s not afraid and whiny.
2. I love Eli, even in Head tripped I loved him. He’s crazy and sexy, and real, and damaged with a big heart. All those things we swoon over.
3. He talks dirty. Like filthy. It’s so good!!
4. I love reading about past characters, especially if you loved them.
5. I want to work for the Shimura agency. Everyone of them seem like people I’d like in real life.
6. I love Skip, like Book Boyfriend love. He’s mine.
7. I love how Nicole does her characters. They’re complex. They have character arcs but they are fully realized as well. She even does insecurities well. If you’re a blogger like I am, or just an avid reader- you’ve seen your fair share of male and female personalities in different situations it’s like a formula, you can predict what’s going to happen. Well, with Nicole, even though there are HEA’s, like you’d expect, it’s not boring, like crazy shit comes from left field sometimes.
You’ll find yourself laughing out loud with the crazy antics of these two groups.
Awesome book.
P.S. - Alan is icky.

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About the Author

Nicole Archer Author photo 800x800 Nicole Archer’s lengthy career as an advertising copywriter not only polished her writing skills—it provided a lifetime of book material. As a single, full-time working mom of a beautiful, brilliant, and horrifically energetic son, she has little time to do much else besides work, write, read, drink wine, and breathe. She’s originally from Colorado, but lives in Dallas now. This is her third book.

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