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Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke

Title: Lucky Number Eleven
Author: Adriana Locke
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Sports Romance
Release Date: September 7, 2017


People say not to believe the things you read in magazines, but you know what? Most things you’ve heard about me are probably true.

I totally banged the reporter in the locker room after the championship game last year.

Those pictures in Expose from last summer? Those were not modified.

I’m also not really six-foot tall. (But let’s keep that between us.)

Now, I know you’re wondering about that last Expose headline—the one about me and my teammate (and ex-best friend) Finn Miller’s sister, Layla James. That one is a little more complicated.

Here’s the thing: I’ve played football my whole life. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to adjust when the game changes. And if there’s one thing I always do, it’s find a way to win.

Granted, the stakes are higher. The playbook has changed. There’s more on the line than (another) MVP title. But guess what hasn’t changed? Me. I’m still Branch “Lucky” Best and I’m not about to fumble this one.

Grab a seat and a subscription to Expose. I’m about to make some headlines. (Again.)

A sexy, swoon-filled standalone novel.

*I absolutely loved this book. I cannot believe this her first sports novel. In this book we have Branch and Layla. Two very well developed characters, who are attracted to each other even though they they are taboo for the other. I mean come one we knows what happens, when have humans ever been able to stay away from something we need too? Being bad feels good.
*Layla is the type of leading lady I champion. She is opinionated, strong and independent. I love those things, but I love them even more when they are done in a way that still allows them to be vulnerable. Well done Addy, capturing the complexities and intricacies of woman-dom and somehow making her likable. That's another thing I love about this character, she is relate-able. I use humor in inappropriate situations, to make it less soul crushing, just like Layla.
*Every girl needs that one girl that we can be goofy and gross with and Poppy is that girl for Layla. I love Poppy, I want  a Poppy. Where can I find a Poppy? She's so real. I love how she will drop everything, even the guy she has been crushing on since the beginning to be there for her friend. I want a Poppy book. As women we need a Poppy Book.
*Branch also is an amazing person. I love a fuck that knows they are a fuck up and doesn't apologize for it. There is a place where he is apologizing to Finn (Layla's brother, his best friend) for screwing up and in his apology he is basically like, "you know I'm a fuck up, why are you surprised?" I loved Branch because most playboys have a reason they are a playboy and that reason is usually something to do with a woman breaking their heart. Not this playboy though. Hes so selfless hes a play to NOT break someones heart.
*This is a book about redemption, forgiveness, strength, and how being around sexy football players can be so bad its good for you. Oh and sex, its about good 'ol virile, athletic sex. Yep.
*I gave this book top marks, because it hits all the marks for me:
- No uneccessary drama, even with the circumstances and the egomaniac ex boyfriend.
-The lead female was well developed and relate-able
-The lead male's growth arc was realistic.
-The story and ending didn't feel rushed.
-They had hot sex. She wasn't a withering flower,she wanted it, she got it. Done (pun intended)
-Sex, Sex, Sex, SEX, SEX.
-The use of profanity touched my soul.
*There were so many little Easter eggs in here from previous Addy books, but if this your first Addy book don't worry you won't be lost. It was just nice to see familiar names and references.
You'll laugh, you'll feel the angst and you'll feel the heat. You'll feel all the feels. Excellent book. 

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“One question,” Poppy interjects, looking at Branch. “What position are you?”
“I typically like the bottom so I can watch—oomph,” he says, getting another elbow from Finn. “Wide receiver. Why?”
Looking at Poppy, I can’t help but laugh as her eyes light up.
“You got a problem with wide receivers?” Branch asks.
“You do,” Finn interjects, giving me a narrowed glare. “They aren’t any better than quarterbacks.”
Branch looks from me, to Finn, and back to me. “Why do we not like quarterbacks?”
“My sister was dating Callum Worthington.”
“No shit?” His face puckers like he just bit into a lemon. “How in the hell did that cocksucker end up with you?”
“He didn’t. We’re not together anymore.”
Branch’s eyes heat, the look causing my pulse to quicken. “I’m not a bit sorry to hear that.”
“You better forget you heard any of that,” Finn warns. “This is my sister, Branch. Not a cheerleader or reporter or some chick from a dating app. Got it?”
“Finn, relax,” I say, shoving a swallow past the lump in my throat. “I appreciate the big brother spiel, but I can handle myself.”
“I know you can,” he says, pulling his gaze away from Branch. “But you can’t handle him.”

Author Bio

USA Today and Amazon Top 10 Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather's nice and there's always a piece of candy in her pocket.

Please contact Adriana at She loves to hear from readers.

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