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For the Love of Beard (Dixie Warden Rejects, Book 7) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release Blitz + Double Review

Title: For the Love of Beard
Series: Dixie Warden Rejects, Book 7
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Adult MC Romance
Publish Date: August 25, 2017
Photographer: Furious Fotog
Model: Golden Czermak

Tobias knows that women are a lot of trouble, and one in particular is more trouble than most. Yet even with the knowledge that she’s a pain in the ass, he doesn’t stop himself from doing the one thing he knows that he shouldn’t do—fall in love with her.

It’s supposed to be simple. Get in, get the girl, and get out.

What Tobias isn’t supposed to do is fall for the woman he’s supposed to rescue. But he can’t help being intrigued–and amused–by the defiance rolling off Audrey every time he so much as speaks to her.  This fascination only intensifies with every single word from her delectable mouth.
It’s been six years since her assault, yet it feels like it happened just yesterday.  Audrey’s sick and tired of feeling so useless. She’s had enough of being scared, she’s doesn’t want to be all alone for the rest of her life. All of that boils down to a woman who’s had enough of not doing anything to reclaim her life.

She’s at a loss as to how to move on, and every attempt she makes results in failure.  Just when she’s ready to quit, a sexy biker is there to push her out of her comfort zone.

Under Tobias’ patient guidance, Audrey slowly makes her way back to herself.  She lands a job that she adores, and she thinks she’s finally found her place in this world. Most surprisingly, though, she finds herself falling in love with a man that honestly scares her to death.

Just when she vows to take that final step that’ll put her past in her past forever, the life she wants to live is yanked away. Leaving her with nothing to pick up the pieces.

The last thing that Tobias expected the day that he was following through with orders to pick up a woman and deliver to safety, was fall in love. Audrey is sassy and full of vigor. She just wants to live her life with her brother and be the nurse that she envisions. Who knew that there was a sensitive, caring man behind the beautiful muscle that is Tobias.

The trip that was just supposed to be a relaxing time brought the two closer. Audrey couldn’t get enough of Tobias and he was the hammer that brought her walls down. He knew just how to treat her and make her feel comfortable. Tobias was the secret ingredient that Audrey needed in her life. When they return and she has everything she wants out of life, will it all be ripped from her in the blink of an eye? Will Tobias be able to give her the life that she dreams of or will his past come in between them?

I love each and every book that Lani puts out and For the Love of Beard is amongst my favorites. The ending was excellent. The end of chapter 22 was epic. I was blown away with emotion and my heart melted. Be sure to pick up your copy today!

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this book is. I have read every book Lani has written and loved every one of them but this one, I’d give it a ten if I could.

Audrey has been through complete hell and back. She was assaulted in the past but with all assault victims, everyone has their own healing period. If you’ve read the previous book in this series you would know the trauma her own father put her through.

Tobias was the one to rescue Audrey and wisk her away to safety. What he wasn’t supposed to do was fall for her but the minute he sees her all he wants to do is be by her side to protect her.

This book had me all twisted and feeling mushy. Audrey is one hell of a heroine. She’s a tough cookie but what I loved the most was the patience Tobias has. He wants more but can Audrey give him more than friendship?

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.

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