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Blue Velvet by Natalie Bennett: Blog Tour + Giveaway + Review

Title: Blue Velvet
Series: UltraViolence, Book Two
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Adult Romantic Suspense
Publish Date: June 28, 2017
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

Blue Velvet
-An illicit drug taken by vein.




And bloodshed.

This is their happily ever after.

Blue Velvet is book two of two in the UltraViolence duet. This is a full-length novel.

->Trigger warning(s)<-
Gore, dub/non-consent, violence, lots of sex, lots of F-bombs, and death.
This will have a non-traditional HEA. ;)

Blue Velvet is a continuation of UltraViolence, which is book one in the series.  We pick up where book one ended, with McKenna running and fighting for her life. Levi has put a hit on her head and she needs to find out why. Not only for her protection, but that of her best friend Millie, as well.

In this action-packed thriller, we see exactly how the psychotic mind works. When the duo feels threatened, no feelings are considered, they just act. There is a no holds barred attitude, taking out anyone that tries to stand in their way. The question that continues to pop up throughout the entire book is … can Levi be trusted? Is what he’s telling McKenna the truth, or is he just telling her what he needs to, in order to finish her off? He did always promise to be the one to take her out when the time comes, after all.

Even the psychotic need love, will it be found?

Natalie Bennett has always been an avid fan of all things dark and twisted, so it only made sense for her to write what she loves. She brings to life unapologetic antiheroes you love to hate and strong heroines who refuse to be broken.

Natalie writes Dark and Twisty Erotica with romantic elements. She doesn't censor her writing and let's her stories tell themselves. If you pick up one of her books expecting a typical HEA, you won't find one.


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