Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Royal Protection (Little Queens Duet 1) by Amy Briggs & Jess Epps: Cover Reveal

 Title:  Royal Protection
Series: Little Queens Duet 1 
Author: Amy Briggs & Jess Epps
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Photography: BT Urrela, Wicked Warrior Photography
Cover Design: Golden Czermak, Furious Fotog
Cover Model: Amy Briggs
Publish Date: June 2017

Miranda Royal, lead singer and songwriter of the band Little Queens, is about to headline her first tour with her sister Carmen, the drummer, and their bandmates. While being on the road is no new thing for them, the threatening letters that Miranda has been receiving are coming more often, and in almost every city they perform. Avoiding everything but the tour, Miranda tries to focus on the performances and publicity the band needs to keep their dreams alive until Ryan King joins the tour.

Ryan King, former Army Ranger and personal security to the elite, has been hired by the Little Queen’s manager and father to protect Miranda while they’re out on tour. An unorthodox request and her adamant refusal to have personal security means Ryan has to go undercover on the tour as a writer for a popular rock magazine against his better judgement.

As he tries to find the stalker and grows closer to Miranda on the tour, he fights his overwhelming attraction for her, afraid it will impact her safety. Will one wrong move cause everything the Little Queens have worked for to come crashing down?

Find out Miranda and Ryan’s story in Royal Protection: Little Queen’s Duet 1

Amy Briggs is a Texas based writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate life behind, Amy now runs several small businesses from the comfort of her home while spinning realistic, thrilling and romantic stories. Formerly a firefighter and EMT in New Jersey living next to a military base, Amy was drawn to creating stories around emergency services and the military, and draws on her experiences to show the depth and emotional side of the lifestyle. Her love of fairy tales carries through each of her novels and she hopes to inspire readers to fall in love with love.

Jess Epps
Jess is a registered dental hygienist, contemporary romance author and cover model. She currently resides in the Greater St. Louis area. When Jess isn't writing (meaning her characters aren't demanding her undivided attention), she enjoys reading books, attending photo shoots and traveling around to author events where she is able to meet her readers.

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