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Sweet Southern Secrets (Georgia Peaches, #1) by Colbie Kay & Chianti Summers: Blog Tour + Review

Title: Sweet Southern Secrets
Series: Georgia Peaches #1
Author: Colbie Kay & Chianti Summers
Model: Lance Jones and Baby Sawyer
Photographer: Randy Sewell/RLS Model Images Photography
Cover Designer: Tracie Douglas-Rabas of Dark Water Designs
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy


Dex Mitchell has wanted to play baseball for as long as he can remember. His life was going exactly as it should until a failing grade threatens it all. Dex has no choice, but to go looking for help and where better to look than the quiet girl that sits next to him. If Dex can get her to agree, he might end up needing her for a whole lot more than just tutoring.

Callie Fisher is scared, timid, and being held captive by a night that turned horribly wrong. She's happy being invisible to people around her. Except for the guy that sits next to her. He's always noticed her and now he needs her help. What Callie thinks is supposed to just be a couple lessons in the stars turns into a whole lot of unexpected. Callie never anticipated that agreeing to help Dex would in turn help her also.

These two come together when they need it most, but as the rules change can they still win the game or will secrets give them a loss?

Sweet Southern Secrets is the perfect title for this book. The story was just that, sweet, and full of secrets. This was an amazing debut full-length novel!!

Callie has been through the unimaginable and tries her hardest to be invisible. She’s just trying to get through college unnoticed. Too bad the boy that sits next to her in astronomy doesn’t take the hint.

Dex is a baseball star. He lives and breathes baseball but when his grades are lacking, his dreams may come to a halt. He asks the girl he can’t take his eyes off of (Callie) to tutor him but she has her reservations.

Callie agrees to tutor Dex but has some ground rules but as time goes on the study buddies end up having a great relationship but can it withstand the secrets??

This book had me hooked from the very first paragraph. I had the warm fuzzies throughout the book. Don’t get me wrong there were some dark spots and sometimes I wanted to slap the heck out of Callie but I loved her character. I loved how Dex was instantly Callie’s protector….that is so hot.

The family dynamics of the characters were amazing. Even Dex’ roommates were there for him and Callie. I loved Callie’s sisters, which I must say that I sure hope we get their stories SOON!! Anyways, this was a quick read because once you start you won’t want to put it down…I know I didn’t.


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About The Authors

Colbie Kay:

Colbie Kay was born and raised in Kansas where she still resides today with her husband, kids, and their English bulldog Rubble. In 2015 she decided to give her passion of writing a go and published her first book. As an avid reader herself, Colbie loves to write her favorite genres and has so many authors that have inspired her. One day Colbie hopes to be a full time writer and a stay at home mom, but as of right now she continues to work at a nursing facility. When she is not working or writing she loves to sit down with a good book and read. Loving her readers, Colbie hopes to one day meet all of you at book signings.

Connect with Colbie Kay

Chianti Summers

Chianti Summers is a military spouse, a mother, a lover of music and wine. She is also passionate about sports and that is why she pursued and obtained her degree in Sports Medicine. She decided to take a chance on writing in 2016. One day she would love to travel to Italy and mark it off her bucket list. Until that day comes she will continue to be taken away by reading and writing with a nice glass of wine.

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