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Put Out (Kilgore Fire Series, Book 5) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release + Excerpt + Double Review

Title: Put Out
Series: Kilgore Fire, Book Five
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Model: Matthew Hosea
Photographer: Golden Czermak
Publish Date: January 26, 2017
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

Angie is a survivor.  Anything you could throw at her, she could overcome.

After her father left her like a pile of unwanted trash, she began fighting.  Fighting to build a life. Fighting to keep her child. 

Fighting to matter.

She thought she had it all figured out.

Then Bowen Race Tannenbaum walks into her life, turning it into a flurry of confusion, hope, and then ultimately despair.  He tore down, brick-by-brick, her carefully constructed world, leaving her heart in tatters and longing for more. Such as a happily ever after, something that wasn’t ever going to happen for her. Not when she couldn’t give him what he wanted.  He’d break her, and she couldn’t be put back together a second time.

Bowe wasn’t always so jaded, but when you keep drawing a losing hand, it tends to affect a man. He didn’t mean to lash out so carelessly. But he was so over being told no. He was done being lied to. He was through with being cheated on.

This time, his heart was getting what it wanted. If Angie wasn’t able to see what he was offering, what was right here in front of her, well then, he’d just have to damn well show her.

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Hello. My name is Michelle and I am a Bowe-aholic.

Put Out is the final book in the Kilgore Fire Series. Hands down ... one of the best series to date. I love the comradery of characters throughout each book. It flows so effortlessly throughout and then into each book thereafter. I can’t say that I have a favorite, because they are each amazing and unique in their own way.

Let’s delve into Angie and Bowe. Angie is a bad ass. A curvy, beautiful, bad ass with secrets of her own.  She has been wronged by the father of her child over and over again. Just when you think things could not possibly get worse, the hits keep coming. She will not however, go down without a fight. Angie is definitely one of my top book heroines.

Then we have Bowe. Oh … Bowe. A tall, caring, hunky man, wrapped in a Kilgore Fire uniform. This poor man has been sent through the wringer, time and time again by women. He just can’t figure out what it is that makes the women high tail and run. However, when it comes to Angie, he takes no prisoners. He will make her his, if it’s the last thing that he does.

This story is so unique and filled with humor, angst, lust and love. You will find yourself rooting for them, throughout the book. They are so sugary sweet together. Add in baby Elise and oh my goodness … perfection on a page.

I will continue to follow Lani Lynn Vale because not only does she produce some of the most amazing books, she does so in record time. Pick up your copy of Put Out and fall in love with “Bow-ie” today!

I was absolutely blown away by this book!! I think of all the books this one was my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, they are ALL spectacular. For me this story was relatable. The feels in this book had me….oh the FEELS!!!

Angie sure has been through a lot in her young life but it has made her the strong woman she needs to be to raise her beautiful daughter by herself. She has an admirer that won’t seem to give up. She gravitates toward Bowe but fights her feelings to proceed. Her walls are strong and standing tall.

Bowe is this gorgeous hunk of a man that is tired of the same old way of life. He has his eyes set on Angie and he’s really working hard to bust through that thick wall she has placed around her and her daughter.

Put Out is the fifth book in this series which can be read as a standalone but if you haven’t read any of the previous in the series I suggest you do. You will understand the secondary characters better and get a better grasp on things. What I love about Mrs. Vale’s books is she integrates characters from her other series’ as well.  

Bowe and Angie’s story had so many feelings, it tore me apart! If you are a sap like I am keep those tissues handy. What I loved most about this book was the fact that I was so immersed into this story I could imagine everything to a tee. I forgot about real life and my soul felt everything Angie and Bowe went through or felt. This is why Mrs. Vale is my number one author to read. I just can’t get enough! I am impatiently waiting for what she has in store for us next.

I headed toward the yelling. The closer I got, the louder it became.

At first I wasn’t sure what it was. Then the closer I got, the more I realized that it was someone cheering. Some sort of competition from the sound of it.

The moment I rounded the corner of the firehouse, I could see what everyone was cheering and yelling about.

The firehouse stood on a large hill or sorts, and the moment I cleared the building, I could see down into the valley below the hill, not far, but far enough that I could see over the men’s heads, straight for the obstacle course below.

Bowe had already started his testing.

Feeling like shit that I’d left him with Elise too long, and he’d had to bring her with him, I automatically started scanning for her, and found her with PD.

Once I saw that she was happy, I moved my gaze back to the course, and was amazed by how fast Bowe was moving.

A man was also running with him, and upon closer inspection, I realized it was Booth.

Booth, I’d heard, held the best time on the course.

And it looked like Bowe was holding his own.

He wasn’t winning, no, but for him being off for so long, I thought he was doing pretty damn good.

Then instead of taking the last flight of stairs with his patient, he jumped over the side, cradling the dummy.

It, of course, wouldn’t work in real life.

Not with someone that was sick or in need of life saving measures.

But it worked for now.

Laughing out loud, I yelled.

“Go, Bowe! Go!” I screamed, cupping my hands around my mouth to project the sound further.

He didn’t hear me over the crowd, but my daughter did.

She turned her head, and immediately started to clap her hands as she realized it was me.

Grinning from ear to ear, I walked towards her, glancing over her shoulder at Bowe as I moved.

I weaved through the throng of men, some firefighters
Bowe had just crossed the finish line, Booth very close at his heels, when I reached Elise.

“Hey there, baby,” I cooed.

She giggled, but didn’t hold her hands out for me, so I chose to let PD hold her for a few more seconds as I turned to the field.

That’s when I saw Bowe.


Laughing his ass off while he shook Booth’s hand, who, conveniently, was also shirtless.

Both men were wiping sweat out of their faces with their shirts, talking about what I’d guess was the course they’d just run, when Bowe’s eyes lifted and found mine.

I waved, and he grinned, full out.

His beard and sweat slickened hair made him look rough and delicious, and I wanted to freakin’ throw myself at him.

I had a little bit of decorum, though, and managed to give him a small peck on the cheek the moment he arrived at my side.

“When did you get here?” he asked, slightly out of breath.

I started to lean back when he started to lean forward, and his eyes started to dance as he moved with me.

“About two minutes ago,” I giggled when he captured me around the waist and hauled me against him.

“My wife doesn’t kiss me like that when I’m sweaty,” a man from my side whined.

Yes, a grown man with six foot two inches of solid muscle, whined.

I gave him a look, which clearly, he read, causing him to grin.

“The name’s Luke.” He offered me his hand. “And I’m the SWAT team leader.”

I shook his offered hand and dropped it after two pumps, trying in vain to disentangle my body from Bowe’s.

“The problem, old man, is that you give her a choice,” another, a redhead this time, called from somewhere behind me.

“Miller,” someone said. “Mercy would kick your ass if she thought you were not letting her have her way.”

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.

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