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Sociopath's Revenge by V.F. Mason: Blog Tour + Giveaway + Double Review

Title: Sociopath's Revenge
Series: Sociopath, Book Two
Author: V.F. Mason
Genre: Dark Romance
Published: July 26, 2016

“I love an unpredictable non traditional HEA, and this book delivered.” - Reading is My Super Power
“5 sociopath stars!! Just when I thought book one couldn’t get any darker and hotter, here comes book two!!! Wow!” - Alpha Book Club

She was mine.
Mine. Mine. Mine.
The future finally started to brighten up for me. 
Memories of the past didn't belong in my life.
The nights held nightmares, but I learned to deal with them.
Until he showed up, once again shattering any peace I had.
In the hopes of destroying Sociopath, my enemies hurt and used my only weakness.
My Sapphire. 
The time had come for my ultimate revenge, so those who wronged us would answer for every scar and pain they’d inflicted.
*Warning: It is necessary to read first Sociopath's Obsession, before starting Sociopath's Revenge.

I have so many feels right now. I sat down to write this review as soon as I finished it but I couldn’t. I needed to process how I felt, again. In the first book, I needed to process because I was devastated at how it ended. Well in this book I was devastated that it ended.

***We’re back with Sapphire and now her 4 year old daughter living in witness protection trying to move on and put the pieces of her life back together. Everything is going fine until her neighbor comes to the door looking for his dog. After that Sapphires life changes completely, again.

I screamed so loud when I read that part. I swear this book gave my heart whiplash. It couldn’t decide if it was going to be full of love or broken. I wanted to reach through the book and shake her a few times and scream for her to just stop and be with that man!!

***Sapphire must decide if she wants to risk her heart again possibly end up hurting her and her daughter or live a safe and passion free life.

Damien needs no introduction. I’m sure he’s made everyone who has read Obsession panties damp.

***Poor Damien is in just as much torment as Sapphire. A daughter he doesn’t know, nightmares he can’t escape and S… Still out there still not paying for what he’s done. He has to balance trying to get into sapphire and Kristina’s life and get his revenge.

There was a moment when they were at a picnic and he took her in the bathroom. I swear spank bank material for life. Then when they were found out the little smart ass cocky comment afterward made me swoon. So alpha, so hot.

***The end of the book really touched my heart. I’m so excited that we got to fully meet Dominic and get a glimpse into his life. I'm happy with how everything worked out my sociopath.

Can’t wait to read Dominics book.

I gave this book full marks because it’s sweet, sexy sad and satisfying all while being well written and smart.

This is a book that will stay with you long after The End. It’s one of those books where you wonder what they are doing now, and while you know this is a fictional world you genuinely love the characters and wish the characters well.

This book right here -- this series is what reading and fangirling is ALL about. The depth that V.F. Mason has in her writing is just extraordinary. Sociopath's Revenge is not only captivating, it's gripping. Once this story has you in its hold, it is not letting you go.

As we know when Obsession ended, Damien was alive, although we were unsure where he was, or who had him. We knew that he had to find his way back to the love of his life and their unborn child. The problem is .. how? Will he remember her? Will he know who he is?

Meanwhile -- Sapphire has gone about her life, thinking that Damien has met his demise on that cliff that horrible afternoon. at the hands of her evil father. She now is raising her 4 year old daughter, Kristina. Her heart hurts knowing that Damien will never know this beautiful little soul. Until one day .. when a mysterious man appears and we get our Damien back!!

The struggle comes when Sapphire feels that she can no longer trust Damien, since he stayed away for over 5 years. How can she still love a man that put her through so much pain and torment? How could she trust that he wouldn't leave again? Damien knows that he has to break down those walls and get her to trust him again. The love is there, but is the trust? What about the hurt? 

The book is entitled Sociopaths Revenge, therefore we know that he is going to continue to seek revenge on those that took his brother away all of those years ago. If Sapphire takes Damien back, will it have been for not? Will she lose him again? We know that S will stop at nothing to get what  he wants.

Amazing series. My gosh, I crave these books. I can not wait to read Pakhan's Rose. I know it's going to be epic, and I am stoked that Dominic gets his own series. Woo hoo! I am beside myself with excitement. 

This series knocks it out of the ballpark for me. I'm not sure anyone or anything can come close to the love I have for V.F. Mason. I am definitely a fan and follower for life!!

Copyright @V.F. Mason
Agonizing pain burning through my body woke me up. My lungs immediately filled with the smoke surrounding me
Shaking the fogginess from my head, I tried to get up but my legs wouldn't move. No matter what I did, they didn't respond. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the haze around me, I spotted a huge piece of wood pinning my legs. I sat up and tried with all my strength to push it away, but it was useless.
Blood slowly dripped from my forehead to my cheeks and lips. My callused hands were covered in blisters. How could this happen?
My eyes searched for her as the fire spread more rapidly. I saw her silky black hair lying across the bench. She appeared unconscious. The orange flames surrounding us moved dangerously closer, heading toward her body.
"Sapphire." Her name came out as a hushed whimper. No matter how hard I tried to clear my throat, I couldn't speak any louder. After the accident five years ago, talking with more volume was a luxury I couldn't afford. How I wished to shout just then to make the woman I loved open her eyes so we could run with our little one.
Then the terrified scream filled the air, and my body froze in fear.
"Daddy!" Kristina cried out somewhere from my right. "Daddy, help me! He wants to take me away." She started crying and kept screaming my name. A man's laugh echoed in the warehouse, and the familiar sound of flesh being slapped created a burning rage inside me. My hands fisted and once again, with a loud cry, I pushed the wood, but it didn't budge.
He couldn't have her.
He wouldn't have her.
My little girl.
"See, boy? You can never win with me. Now your precious daughter will know what it's like to make me happy." Kristina whimpered, and in a second, I heard the door shut loudly, trapping us inside.
My child.
S had my child.
"I'm sorry, baby girl," I whispered. "Daddy is so sorry."
No matter what I did, she'd have those nightmares for the rest of her life.
And unfortunately, I was powerless to stop them.
V.F.Mason always loved reading books and had quite a few fights with her momma over the genre she liked (romance, duh!) She studied filmmaking and thought that would feed her desire for stories, but that didn't happen. Finally, when she was tired of all those voices in her head, she sat down and wrote a book. It was a huge decision to make and she thanks her friends and family for supporting her in it.When she is not writing, she can be found with her friends doing all sorts of crazy things or reading recent romance books that were written by her favorite authors.

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