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I Speak ... Love (A Different Road Series, Book 3) by Annalisa Nicole: Blog Tour + Giveaway + Triple Review

Title: I Speak ... Love
Series: A Different Road
Author: Annalisa Nicole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: August 15, 2016
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions 

One family of five... One life-altering tragedy... Three survivors. Each of the Mason siblings takes the outcome of the devastation three completely different ways.

When you live with a lifetime of lies, secrets, and regret over time it eats away at everything inside until all you’re left with is a cold, empty heart that’s fractured into a million pieces.

Stephen Mason has lived with not only one, but two life-shattering secrets since the day a car accident claimed the lives of his parents, 
left his brother impaired, and led his sister down a destructive path.

His number one rule since the accident: never let anyone get close…

He only destroys the lives of anyone who gets close to him. He’s distanced himself from his siblings and the possibility of love. He’s accepted the cruel punishment of being alone with his secrets until the day he dies.

But fate may have other plans…

Maddy Malone has lived her entire life knowing the fact that she was unwanted. Given up at birth, she bounced around the foster care system until she was eighteen. She’s learned to guard her feelings and protect her heart.

Good things are only meant for special people. When they happen 
to unspecial people, there are always consequences.
Two wrongs don’t make a right, but can two broken people make 
one whole?

When you’ve given up hope and have retreated inside yourself…

Can one truly speak…Love?


“' I Speak...Love' was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and emotional stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading!” - 5 Star from Gi’s Spot Reviews

“The book is excellently written, has a fantastic storyline, no plot holes and the best characters that I've read about in a long time. ” - 5 star from 2 Girls Who Love Books Blog

I absolutely loved this book. This may be my favorite in the series so far, which is an amazing feat because the first two were amazing as well.
In this book we have Maddy and Stephen.

Maddy is the mystery girl with a past, who works for California Chefs. She has a beautiful personality that still shines through even with all the quirks and rituals she needs to perform to cope with everyday life. She’s funny, honest, and real.

Then we have Stephen, the enigma. I’ve wondered about him in previous books and I’m so happy we finally got more. He’s holding on to secrets that could destroy everyone he loves.

This love affair is fragile and sweet and pure.

The whole vibe of this book is real and raw. I love that in this book the author wasn’t afraid to pull back the romance veneer and show us the ugly that happens in life. It’s inevitable. She tools us deep in the ugly, and then slowly and magnificently brought us out.

There are so many aspects and layers to this story. It’ll have you 
laughing, crying, empathizing and turned on while reading it.

I’m in love with this story. It has an HEA and it’ll leave you feeling good, but it makes you work for it.

Often people talk about the chemistry of characters on the screen. When the chemistry is off we feel it. Same goes for books. This is NOT a problem in here. While the chemistry may sometimes cause explosions and destruction it is done perfectly.

 I really just wanted to crawl into this book and wrap myself between the pages, cuddle with all the characters and admire the words that have tattooed themselves onto my heart. I miss them. 

When I reflect on this story I can’t help but speak love.

When thinking about this book and my review for this book a few things come to mind:

Fav book of the Series
Top 10 Fav book of 2016
Top 20 Fav book of ALL TIME
Top 10 Series of ALL TIME

Yes! This book and for that matter this series is THAT good!!! There are several reasons for the above compliments. A book needs certain things for me to get all the feels. I need story, great characters, feelings (happy, sad, passion, funny) and amazing writing. I think it’s fairly easy to come up with a story. Everyone has life experiences and thoughts that can be turned into a good story. And once you have the story the characters are going to come through for you. What I think is the most important part is the feeling and the writing. It takes an amazing writer to put words on paper and give us emotion and feeling. For a writer to pour their heart and soul into their work and create something as 

amazing as this series….well that’s why I’m such a lover of books.

Annalisa does this over and over again. She is able to have all four: Story, Characters, Feels & Writing!!!! The entire premise for this series is so simple, three siblings that lost their parents. At the base that’s what the series is about. However, due to her unbelievable writing she brings these three characters alive with feelings and experiences and people in their lives that we are able to jump into the book and follow right along with her. When you find an author you can do that with…..well that’s just the most amazing thing.

In I Speak…Love, she finally gives voice to Stephen. He’s quietly been in the other two books but he’s sullen and quiet. There’s a reason for this. Stephen holds all the secrets of the family. He’s the oldest and I wondered why his story was last but I think it’s so we can get the other siblings perspective and stories before knowing the truth and secrets that Stephen has. As secrets seem to do, they eat away at him and have created a very lonely life for 
him. Until…

Maddy is broken. It’s a bone deep broken that happened over years and years. The things she’s been through from childhood through adulthood is something no one should ever have to go through. She has this thing about her that makes you just love her. Even now I can’t put my finger on it but she’s just absolutely amazing. She’s my favorite female character of the series for sure.

The way Stephen & Maddy are together is just adorable and sweet!!! I just absolutely love them!!! Once they stop dancing around each other….well….HOT!!!! They are Sweet & Cute but also Hot & Passionate!!

This is a must read for sure. The entire series is absolutely amazing!!! I know it says 5 feathers up there but if we had a 20 or 30 feathers I would have given this book that. It has every single thing you could want in a book and a series for that matter.
Annalisa you hit the ball out of this world with this book!! I can’t 
wait to see where you take us from here!!

VERY Highly Recommend!!!!

I don't know that I have the proper words to describe this bittersweet feeling that I have regarding the end of the "A Different Road" series. Happy, heart-broken, overjoyed, sad ... every emotion, balled into one.

This story actually has quite a bit of personal feelings behind it for me. I was Maddy (still partly am). I was the girl that never trusted...the OCD crazed woman ...the one who never thought that she was deserving of love. I Speak ... Love spoke to me on so many levels, it's unreal. 

Stephen is my very close second favorite man in the series. He knows when Maddy is ready to speak and he knows when to back off. He treasures her and handles her with care. If you have read the others in the series, you know that he has always had his eye on Maddy. You know that he has always been intrigued. What you didn't know is that he felt as though he should tread on thin ice with everyone. Stephen didn't think that he was worthy of anyone's love, due to the secrets that he was keeping. Secrets that actually were in the best interest of his family. Secrets that were holding the family together, and in place. Secrets that he had been holding onto, since childhood. With those secrets, Stephen holds guilt. Immense guilt.

When Stephen and Maddy finally decided to succumb to the feelings they each felt ... fireworks ensued. This was the best thing that could have ever happened. I felt as though I was there, enjoying the love and emotions with them. The way that Annalisa Nicole writes, is indescribable. I love her work. I love her descriptive capabilities. I love HER!!! If you have not experienced anything by Annalisa, please start with this series. As a matter of fact, I See ... Love is free and I Hear ... Love is only 99 pennies. Please do us all a favor and dive in. I bet that you will Hear, See and Speak LOVE for eternity.

Happy Reading!

International Bestselling Author Annalisa Nicole is an "Indie" Contemporary Romance author. She's been married to her husband since 1996 where she enjoys being a stay-at-home mom to their two teenage boys. She was born and raised in Michigan, but currently lives in California.

She published her debut novel Take A Chance in October of 2013.




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