Friday, May 20, 2016

Illicit by Sierra Rayne

Title:  Illicit 
Author: Sierra Rayne
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publish Date: March 13, 2016

Shane and Cindy have hated each other for as long as they've been step siblings. Will their parent’s last request change anything or will it change everything?
My stepdad, Jim, was an amazing man. Perfect, except with him came his son – the Devil. Life was wonderful until Shane showed up. I’m always in control unless he’s around. He has a way of unraveling me to the point that I’m a twisted mess – just like him. I’ve managed to stay away from Shane most of my adult life, until Mom and Jim’s death. Their last request makes that impossible now. My life will never be the same after this journey with my cocky, arrogant stepbrother.

When Dad married Barbara, life slapped me in the face with Cindy – the princess. She liked to sit on her pedestal and look down on the rest of us. Where I'm easy going, she's a control freak. We’ve spent our whole lives avoiding each other, now we’re forced to spend time together to fulfill our parent’s last request. I was determined to make the best of it for my Dad and Barb. Being near her is even harder than I imagined, because I want her—and it’s driving me mad. This trip could be the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life, it’s what our parents wanted for us . . . but I’m not sure they wanted this.

Two people on a journey from the heart. Will this change their lives forever or will it completely destroy what little relationship they have left?

Complete standalone novel with a HEA

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I have been weary of step sibling romance novels because I have an extended family so the premise is usually too close to home for me. I was excited and nervous to read this because I love this author. 
Well, I loved the book. It wasn't creepy, it was tastefully done. 
Lets start with Cindy. She made me mad on so many occasions. I thought she was so stuck up that I felt bad for Shane. 
I was mad for him for about 30 seconds, until he proved to be a jerk. There were a couple of instances that I almost threw my tablet and screamed WTF!!! I couldn't believe some of the low down things he did to her. My allegiances were changing and quickly. Their shenanigans were funny and infuriating. By the end though I didn't want to throat punch them anymore though. I love that in a book. When it evokes strong emotions in me. This book did just that. It started to tug at my heart strings, then made me laugh, then infuriated then laugh then back to the heart strings again.
On a more serious note though, I couldn't imagine going through what they went through. I was very pleased with how they got the acceptance and blessing of the parents. I was worried about that. All in all, this is a great read. The writing is amazing and the sex is hot. Great Job.

Excerpt I:
I think Cindy has multiple personalities and I’m having a hard damn time keeping up with them. Sweet and accepting one minute and a raging bitch the next. I know we’ve never gotten along but I really thought today was a breakthrough for us, right up until I became the head monkey. What the hell made me let my guard down with her? She’s still the same uptight, self-absorbed, control hungry she-devil... a fucking beautiful, control hungry she-devil.
Excerpt II:
“That’s not reality, Princess. That’s fear holding you back. Just like right now, you’re wet as hell and you want me as much as I want you,” he glares at me. I return my eyes back to the road. I’m caught off guard here. How the hell did we start talking about this? “I’m not wet and what the fuck makes you think I want you? I’m trying to drive here, so would you kindly leave me the hell alone?” That’s it. I have to get him off this subject. If I can start an argument, I can control this. I just have to piss him off a little. He unbuckles his seat belt, leans over and whispers in my ear, “It’s not going to work this time, Princess.” He’s right, I’m dripping wet and the alluring scent of him is making it worse. I love the feel of his breath on my skin when he’s this close to me. I could close my eyes and feel his lips almost touch me.


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