Friday, April 22, 2016

Hard Impact by: Helen Grey - Blog Tour

Title:  Hard Impact
Author:  Helen Grey
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  March 31, 2016
Review Source:  Once Upon An Alpha

Excited to be taken seriously as a journalist, Misty Rankin accepts her first official writing assignment. She’s to ‘get the dirt’ on sexy billionaire Blake Masters, owner of Hard Impact, an extremely popular and growing outdoor adventure company. Within seconds of meeting him, Misty knows she’s in serious trouble. 

Blake Masters guards his privacy above anything and detests having a journalist prying into his life. Especially his past – that terrible time he doesn’t want to remember. With each question she asks him, he wants to hate her. But can’t. 

Thrown together by circumstances, Blake takes Misty on the adventure of her life. Neither are what, or who, the other expects. After spending a few days together in the wilderness, they’re both forced to confront some harsh truths about themselves. And about each other. If the past doesn’t rip them apart. 

This is a full-sized standalone novel with NO CLIFFHANGERS and an HEA.

Blake & Misty….

Loved this very sweet, very deep, very HOT book!! The characters and story are amazing!

Misty wants to be a journalist. Blake hates them! He doesn’t want to have his personal life under a microscope. If they want to discuss his business or plans for the future of his business by all means. But it never goes that way.

Misty needs to ask the had questions….she needs to get inside his head. The problem is….she likes him. Like really likes him as a person and if being a journalist means digging into someone personal life with no regard for their feelings then maybe it’s not for her. 

Blake isn’t exactly a man-whore, he just doesn’t do relationships. He’s all about the one night stands because he knows he’ll never have to see them again. The problem with Misty is that he doesn’t want to let her go. He likes her….really likes her. 

I loved this story. There aren’t many characters but they are deep and complicated and flawed and wonderful. Just a wonderful, quick and amazing read. I’ve never read Helen Grey but I will definitely look to be reading her books very soon!!

Highly Recommend!!!

Helen Grey is the author of the hot alpha military romance series "Serving the Soldier”.

Her passion is to write steamy erotic romance and she loves hot billionaire bad boys. Lucky for her, these two go perfectly together... Find out how in her books!


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