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ICE by: Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans - Personal Read

Title:  Ice
Series:  The Elite Forces Series
Ice #1
Fire #2
Author: Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans
Genre: Adult Military Romance
Publish Date:  March 8, 2016
Review Source: Personal Read

Warning- This book contains explicit language and graphic sexual content. 

Captain Jade Elliott of the United States Army spent her entire career working her ass off to get to this point and she couldn't be more proud. She's gained notoriety through her actions as well as the respect of her team. She's one of the first women to graduate as a Ranger and has been called to serve on a secret mission. So why is she about to do something that could throw that all away? 

Kaleb Maverick has been called to act as Commander for a vital mission and has done his research. He knows his team very well, in fact he hand selected them. He's retired, but still very active in the private sector, leading his personal team to countless successful missions. Now he's going back for one last mission. 

What happens when his mission is to get the girl? What if she's not ready to be captured? Their chemistry is explosive and the heat is intense, but can Maverick come back with his head held high or will she be the first mission he fails?

Jade (Ice) and Maverick (Fire).

Military. Snipers. Danger. Rules. Training.

All this is ingrained into soldiers. They live and die by their oath and their rules. 

However, some of the rules have grey areas. Such as sex. Being out there in awful conditions, with hot as hell men, frustrated, tension, the need to release emotions and energy is at an all time high. So it's just sex. Find someone that wants the same, no relationship, and it becomes a need just like eating or breathing.

For Jade it's been a while. She needs release. Harris is gonna be the one. He's looked out for her so far and he seems to care about her. He'll give her what she needs. Literally just as they are about to literally JUST about walks her new commander, putting a stop to everything. So as frustrated as she was before she's about to combust now.

What happens when she gets to his office. Maverick's office. Her commander! Shocks and floors her and me! LOL He orders her to her knees!!!! 

Now it seems that all that would be the book, right? HA! That's just like the first 6%!!! This book is amazing and starts out with a bang....well almost one! hahaha

Jade is all career. She's a woman who has had to prove herself over and over. She's also the best sniper the military has. She's awesome. She has family and issues and plans and desires. Seriously, she's a one of a kind character. I kind of love her!

Maverick is amazing in his own right. I didn't really love him till I got to his POV chapter. Getting in his head helped greatly to soften him. He was being so dominate to Jade it was almost mean. HOT but mean! LOL

She thinks he's just out for sex. He considers her his. He wants her forever and he's gonna get her. Well.....maybe. She's a spitfire and the more he says, "mine" the more feisty she gets. 

SO much happens!! It's so fast paced and wonderful since it's not slowly written. Some books are fast paced with lots of words describing what's going on. This leads me to be frustrated with getting to the point. Hilary & Kathy have an amazing technique as to briefly (but accurately) describe and the ability to move the story along. It's kinda hard to explain but simply wonderful. 

My complaint.....the end!!!!! OMG! Just mean!!! It's sort of a cliffhanger but not at the same time. It's more the story part for ICE comes to an end but the story for FIRE sure doesn't!

Book 2, FIRE, comes out April 26 and I can NOT wait!! 

Highly Recommend!!

Hilary Storm 
lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Oklahoma. She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people. 

She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting. 

Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family. 

She is the international best selling author of the Rebel Walking Series, Bryant Brother's Series, Inked Brother's Series, Six, and a co-author in the Elite Forces book ICE.


Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son's Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.

By day she is a hairstylist and loves her job. 

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on task. Her favorite quote is "I got this."


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