Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Voice Between My Legs By: Ozlo & Priya Grey - Amazon Review Tour - EJ

Title:  The Voice Between My Legs
Series: Part 1 & 2 
Author: Ozlo & Priya Grey
Genre: BDSM Romance
Publish Date: January 8, 2016
Review Source: Enticing Journey 

A BDSM Sexual Awakening

I've done things you might not agree with. You may not like me because of it. But if you lived through what I experienced, maybe you'd see things differently. I wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of my new life...then I met him. 

Cooper West is attractive, wealthy, and CEO of one of hottest companies in New York City. He can have any girl he wants… he chose me. I have to tell him about the things I've done...but how? 

What would happen if you let the man of your dreams read your diary? Would he still want to be with you? I'm about to find out. 

*This hot and steamy romance contains elements of BDSM. It is intended for adult audiences 18+ only.

This book is HAWT!!!! And it has a great story. Which is somewhat hard to come by. Getting the hotness in there like the authors did and allow for the amazing and touching story.....well it's just wonderful.

Lacy has had a rough three years. Battling cancer, moving twice, quitting a great job, starting her own business.....there's been no room for sex. Or desire either. She didn't realize what the cancer and the drugs had done to her libido until it was pointed out to her. She has vowed to be a more adventurous person after having life hanging by a thread. So she joins a sex club.

WOW! She gets the hang of the club pretty quickly and from none other than The Master. He's masked and he's hot and he's one hell of an orgasm giver. He's also carrying a few secrets. 

After bargaining and hiding feelings and secrets they both find a common ground. Will it destroy them? Everything they have worked for could go up in smoke if certain things come to light? Can they just do the sex and that's it?

This book is wonderful! Hot but sensual. Sweet but dominate. Romantic yet dirty. 

Definitely one click!!!

Highly Recommend!!!!!

When I'm not working with my husband, Ozlo, on the next story, I like to spend my time cooking, doing yoga or walking on the beach.

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