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Curious Obsession by Elora Nicole Ramirez: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Curious Obsession
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2022
Review Source: InkSlinger PR

About Curious Obsession: One moment Juniper Reese existed, and the next she vanished into thin air. This is how it feels for Lavender, her twin when she receives the call that Juniper didn’t show up to her job one morning. Still adjusting to Juniper’s cross-country move to run from the ghosts of their mother’s death, Lavender knows something is wrong — but she also knows her sister is still alive. 

As she follows Juniper’s footsteps in an unfamiliar town, she begins to uncover a plot that seems to suggest her sister was being stalked before her disappearance. Now it’s on her to find Juniper before time runs out and convince those around her that her disappearance wasn’t an attempt to “getaway.” 

What she doesn’t know is that she’s being watched by someone who just realized perfection came twice. He begins to hone in on Lavender, his attention never satisfied until he can have them both for himself. 

Will Lavender be able to find her sister before time runs out? Or will she be the next target in an obsession gone wrong?

Well there's a reason Obsession is in the title. You will be obsessed!!!! I loved this book!

Kinda Scary and very suspenseful with a side of creepy. But a seriously amazing read. Loved the characters, even their names, Juniper & Lavender, so cool! The story keeps you on your toes and captures you. Loved the twin connection, my Dad is a twin and I've always found that connection interesting.

The writing is amazing. Fast-paced, interesting, and vivid, the story pulls you in and you can't stop reading it!

I very Highly Recommend it!!!

Elora Ramirez has always been a word girl. It
started when she was four when she taught herself how to read and write as a way to entertain herself while her grandmother kicked and danced in an aerobics class. She cut her teeth on books from Dr. Seuss and writing anywhere she could find the space — including her Fischer Price kitchenette, the pages of picture books, and Highlights Magazines. She's matured a bit since then, now choosing to write in the margins of her books and on the mirrors of her bathroom ideas and thoughts surrounding the story and what makes us human. By day she leads a team at a tech company, waking up before the sun rises to get in her love for words before stepping into her role of helping others see the plotline of their own story under development. Intuition and beauty get her through the day, as well as her chef-husband and their little lion son. Curious Obsession is her fourth novel.

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On the Edge (Stand-alone Romantic Thriller) by Aleatha Romig: Release Blitz + Review

From New York Times best-selling author Aleatha Romig comes a stand-alone new-adult, romantic thriller where love is new, and monsters lurk in expensive suits behind million-dollar smiles.

Title: On the Edge
Genre: Stand-alone Romantic Thriller
Author: Aleatha Romig
Release Date: May 11, 2022
Review Source: Wildfire Marketing Solutions

Woodland Cliffs Country Club is the crown jewel of the small Monterey-area seaside town. It’s comfortable stomping grounds for those born to money and opportunity. With the club’s esteemed members from near and far, it’s not unusual to spot celebrities, business tycoons, or those with even more power.

It isn’t the glamour or intrigue that attracts Rae Watson to seek a summer job at the Cliffs. As a struggling college student, she simply wants to earn money for her senior year at the university and concentrate on classes.

When Rae’s friend helps secure her summer employment at the Cliffs, Rae willingly accepts. She quickly learns there’s more to the Cliffs, particularly the hidden world of those the country club employs.

The lives of the elite and those who serve them are worlds apart.

What will that mean for Rae and the handsome blue-eyed college student who makes her swoon?

Will she discover the secrets purged from the high cliffs, waiting to be found on the rocky shores, or will she find herself on the edge?

Have you been Aleatha’d?

*ON THE EDGE is a small town, friends-to-lovers, romantic thriller, stand-alone novel.

*Fans of Downton Abbey are raving about this modern-day version, in ON THE EDGE.

WOW!! I was blown away by this one! On the Edge is a standalone that I am hoping turns into a series. This is my first book by Aleatha, and I was sucked in from the first page.

Being a student Rae needs money, she needs all the help she can muster before her senior year. Her best friend helps her land a job at the Woodland Cliffs Country Club. Totally not her scene but what could happen?

This story was full of twists and turns, suspense and romance all bound into one book. The plot was amazing, and the characters meshed well. I highly recommend this book. You won’t put it down!!

Aleatha Romig is a New York Times, Wall

Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Indiana, USA. She grew up in Mishawaka, graduated from Indiana University, and is currently living south of Indianapolis. Aleatha has raised three children with her high school sweetheart and husband of over thirty years. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she's not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her other pastimes include reading and creating heroes/anti-heroes who haunt your dreams and bring your imagination to life!

Aleatha released her first novel, CONSEQUENCES, in August of 2011. CONSEQUENCES became a bestselling series with five novels and two companions released from 2011 through 2015. The compelling and epic story of Anthony and Claire Rawlings has graced more than half a million e-readers. Aleatha released the first of her series TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE, INSIDIOUS, in the fall of 2014. These stand-alone thrillers continue Aleatha's twisted style with an increase in heat.

In the fall of 2015, Aleatha moved headfirst into the world of dark romantic suspense with the release of BETRAYAL, the first of her five novel INFIDELITY series that has taken the reading world by storm. She also began her traditional publishing career with Thomas and Mercer. Her books INTO THE LIGHT and AWAY FROM THE DARK were published through this mystery/thriller publisher in 2016.

In the spring of 2017, Aleatha released her first stand-alone, fun, and sexy romantic comedy with PLUS ONE, followed by the sweet stand-alone, ONE NIGHT.

Aleatha is a "Published Author's Network" member of the Romance Writers of America and PEN America. She is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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Can’t Help Love (Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers, Book 2) by Claudia Burgoa: Release Blitz + Double Review

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa continues a billionaire romantic series in a second chance enemies-to-lovers story that’ll leave readers laughing and swooning!

Title: Can’t Help Love
Series: Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers, Book 2
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Author: Claudia Burgoa
Release Date: May 10, 2022

They’ll get their second chance at love… if they don’t kill each other first!

If I ever cross paths with Gatsby Spearman I might just push him from the tallest building in San Francisco.

Saying that I don’t like him is an understatement—I hate him.

The prick ghosted me in college, stole the program we created to start a billion-dollar company—oh and I failed a class because of him.

I want revenge. And I want it to be petty.

I created an infallible five-step plan to make him pay for what he did to me.

1. Destroy his company.
2. Hire him out of pity.
3. Make him fall in love with me.
4. Rip out his heart.
5. Ghost him while he’s crying from a broken heart.

Simple, right?

Except, I didn’t take into consideration the old college chemistry rearing its ugly head and bringing us closer together despite everything we do to fight it.

I want vengeance, all he wants is to flirt.

Though, I don’t plan on falling for his antics.

I’ll play this to win.

Let the games begin.

Can’t Help Love is a sexy, fun, at times angsty enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance that’s the perfect combination of seduction and sassy with a couple who live to torture each other!

I really enjoyed Can’t Help Love. I like how the book begins and it seems like it’s going well, then boom.. it takes a left turn. I was like noooo, he did not take her ideas and ghost her for fourteen years!! He left without a trace or an explanation at all. I loved how Maia had an entire plan of getting revenge on Gatsby and the moment she saw him again she was putty in his hands. I was so glad she actually gave him a chance to explain why he did what he did all those years ago and finally tell him how much it hurt her that he just disappeared. I loved in the end how everything works out and they stay together.

Amazon * Apple * Nook * Kobo

Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.

She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. Her books are the perfect blend of steamy and heartfelt, filled with emotional characters and explosive chemistry. Her writing takes readers to new heights, providing a variety of tears, laughs, and shocking moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats.

She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, her youngest two children, and three fluffy dogs.

When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge-watch shows or movies with her equally geeky husband.

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Never Hide Again (The Never Again Duet, Book One) by Garnet Christie: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Never Hide Again
Series: The Never Again Duet, Book One
Author: Garnet Christie
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 11, 2022
Cover Design: Murphy Rae

One man will do anything to keep her safe.
The other will do anything to see her dead.

For the last five years, I've been living as Olivia Tucker. With a cautious eye over my shoulder, I've been hiding in Seattle, staying anonymous, keeping a low-profile at a small interior design company.
Until Grant Brexton.
Billionaire, CEO of Hall and Brexton, he's known as Seattle's Best Playboy, the man who keeps Seattle under his heel.
As his new personal assistant, our attraction should be forbidden.
But Grant isn't merely a man who sets my heart on fire.
He teaches me to be as strong as he is.
To live ruthlessly and without apologizing.
Most of all, Grant teaches me how to stop living in the shadows of fear.
Our love is unstoppable. Our bond is unbreakable.
Or so I think.
Lonnie, the man who murdered my husband, proves he's still looking for me.
And just like five years before, he could rip everything away.
Grant included.
It will be up to me to walk in the power I've become familiar with and maintain control over my life.

Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved Never Hide Again. This book was just amazing. I absolutely hated Olivia’s mom and step-dad for ignoring her and letting her stepbrother do whatever he wanted to her. However, I was so happy when her grandfather helped her escape after he did what he did! I adored how Olivia and Grant met and how he pursues her and makes her come work for him. The sexual tension between those two… whoo boy!! I loved how with time, she really sees that Grant is totally ruthless. The fact that she was not deterred, but rather, turned on by it was incredible. Telling him about her past and it doesn’t change anything like she thought it would, tells so much about him. I was so glad that she got her happily ever after. It’s such an awesome book and I’m looking forward to the next one.

“Wow, this book left me breathless. … Their unconventional relationship is a firestorm of desire, desperation, and loyalty.” ~ 5 Star Review (Linda)

Garnet Christie is an author and Midwestern native living in the desert. Though she misses trees, Garnet admits there is an acrid beauty to the place that has been home for twenty years. A traveling enthusiast, Garnet has visited over thirty-seven states and when challenged with something new, whether it was ice skating, tap dancing, ballet, piano lessons, or horseback riding, she never backed down. Armed with that bravery, a childhood spent in the company of English teachers, and her creative soul, Garnet took to writing.

She loves serving up Alpha males who are searching for their happily ever after and pairing them up with women who are equally, if not more, reluctant. Inspired by experiences in life, friends, family, and countless stories on television and books, Garnet writes whatever story is screaming at her the loudest.

When not writing, Garnet is found reading, dancing, and spending too much money on K-pop merch. All the above is achieved by drinking too much tea, avoiding sleep, and eating chocolate. Garnet also adores Italian food and will go to great lengths to hunt down a fantastic plate of Chicken Marsala that comes with a cannoli.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Savage Reign (Savage Hearts, Book Three) by Amanda Richardson: Release Blitz + Review

TitleSavage Reign
Series: Savage Hearts, Book Three
Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem Romance
Publish Date: May 10, 2022
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

Some people say you should forget the past, focus on the present, and dream for the future.

That’s what I intend to do because I want nothing more than to move on and start a new family–and a new life in Greythorn–with Silas, Damon, and Jude.

But the past doesn’t want to die, and despite our reign, there’s one person who wants nothing more than to see our Kingdom fall.

I refuse to see my men get hurt again.

This time, I won’t sit back and watch the attack from the sidelines.

Like a predator waiting for a kill, I will attack.

And I will defend my family like the Queen that I am.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned–and hell hath no madness like three alpha men protecting their young.

**Savage Reign is a full-length enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance. It is a spinoff of the Ruthless Royals duet, which does not have to be read first. It is the third and final book of the Savage Hearts series, and it ends with a HEA. Please note that Savage Reign contains explicit language, violence, kidnapping, cult-like themes, pregnancy/breeding themes, as well as light primal play and consensual non-consent.**

I am in love with Amanda Richardson. Man can this woman write some hot and steamy reverse harem novels. If you like RH, then you’re in for a treat.

In this series, we meet Lennon, Silas, Jude, and Damon. Lennon is the tough-as-nails FMC (after discovering herself), Silas, the soft emotional lover, Damon, the wild and daring kind; and Jude, a mix between the two. The lucky woman has a touch of everything with this trio. The one thing they all have in common is their love for Lennon, their Princess. The crew had a rough go of it in high school, but her soul is what kept them tied to her.

Mix in the church, which has never been easy with any of them. So much drama, pain, and turmoil surround that church. The guys will do any and everything to expose the filth of these sinners, who call themselves men of God. Everything that unfolds is almost unreal and sickening. One thing that never waivers? The love and passion they feel for one another.

This is easily one of my favorite reverse harem trilogies. I am so excited about Amanda's next release…Lords & Rivals: A Dark Bully Reverse Harem Romance, coming later this year. 

Happy reading!!

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AmazonUK * 

In the series ....

Savage Hate (Book One)

Savage Gods (Book Two)


Amanda Richardson writes from her chaotic
dining room table in Yorkshire, England, often distracted by her husband and two adorable sons. When she's not writing contemporary and dark, twisted romance, she enjoys coffee (a little too much) and collecting house plants like they're going out of style.

Find out more here:

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