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Bet on Ice (A Boys of Winter Novel) by S.R. Grey: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Bet on Ice
Series: A Boys of Winter Novel
Author: S.R. Grey
Genre: Sports Romance/ Romantic Comedy
Cover Model: Braun Wilburn
Cover Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release: January 14, 2021
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

My teammates don’t call me a gambler for nothing.

As a hotshot forward for the Las Vegas Wolves hockey team, I, Landen Zehner, am known for taking chances—both on and off the ice.

Lucky for me, I almost always come out the winner.

That’s why I know I’m going to win over the team’s new event coordinator, Cricket Nance.

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

So I’m going in hard and fast by making her a bet to give me a real chance.

That means seeing no other people.

I tell her to trust me and we’ll come out winners.

You can bet on it, baby.

Bet on Ice is the ninth novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series and can be read as a standalone.

This is my first ever book by Ms Grey and I’ve got to say that I’m not disappointed. This was a fast paced, quick read that kept me interested. 


I loved the chemistry between Cricket and Landen and from the get got there were sparks flying. Landen plays for the Las Vegas Wolves and Cricket is the new events coordinator for the team. A chance meeting at a blackjack table turned into a story full of bets and sparks flying. 


My only complaint with this story is I felt it was a little too fast. I would’ve loved some more depth to the story but in all it was a good book. I really need to quit slacking and read the rest of the series. 


Praise for Bet on Ice

"Hilarious and perfectly 'played' sports romance that I devoured in one sitting! I can't wait to read more."NYT Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken

"The usual Grey crisp writing, lovable heroes that you kinda want to slap, and a heroine that doesn't back down," Resistance on Ice is another fun standalone novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series.” - Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden-Mills


In the series:

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Read Resistance on Ice (Nolan’s story) for #FREE if a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber!

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Read Destiny on Ice (Brent’s story) for #FREE if a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber!

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S.R. Grey is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the popular Boys of Winter
hockey books and Men of Fall football novels. Both series can be read in any order or as standalones. Other New Adult and Romantic Suspense works of hers include the Judge Me Not books, the Promises series, the Inevitability duology, A Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy, and the Laid Bare series of novellas.

Residing in Pennsylvania, when not writing Ms. Grey can be found reading, traveling, running, and cheering for her hometown sports teams. Sometimes all at the same time!  

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Repeat Offender (Souls Chapel Revenants MC, Book 1) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Repeat Offender
Series: Souls Chapel Revenants MC, Book One
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Release Date: January 12, 2021
Review Source: Uplifting Author Services

Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor has lived a lot of lies. Seen a lot of good men go down.

But he will not stand by and watch as the world he’s built from the ground up burns to ashes before his eyes. Even if he has to build an army to combat the problem he sees brewing around him.

One step at a time, he carefully lays out his plan, building layer after careful layer until everything is where he wants it to be.

Every part is impeccably played, his pawns are in the perfect place, and then she barrels into his life, totally scattering every single piece he’s set in motion.

The bad thing is, she doesn’t even realize how badly she’s messed up until she’s roused the beast.


The day that Six Ines Broussard met Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor was the worst day of her life.

First, she has a public breakup with a man she’s not even dating. Second, she has to deal with a black-tie event that she’d rather gouge her eyes out than to go to. Third, she then has to sit at a table for hours on end with the one man she despises.

Just wanting a break, she thinks she’ll lose herself for a few hours and do what she loves to do best—spend time by herself and go for a walk in the middle of nowhere, spot some birds, and get a little sun. Only, her day doesn’t go nearly as planned. 

She walks right into the middle of hell. And at the center of it? Lynnwood Thatcher. The mayor. The man that she took one glance at on the night of his inauguration and dismissed as boring. A total stick in the mud.

Only, he’s not so boring shirtless, in the middle of nowhere, doing things that are very illegal.

At first, she’s appalled. Then her interest gets piqued. Stuck-up suit is hot! And he has tattoos. Oh, and let’s not forget one hell of a mouth on him!

Love, love, LOVE this new series already!! Great start anyway!! It was different and in a good way. I couldn’t put it down! FINALLY, Lynn’s story!!

Lynn is Kilgore’s new Mayor, but he has a dark side to him. See, he is trying his hardest to right all the wrongs the old mayor has done, and you can’t be the nicest person for that job. 

Six is the daughter of the Mayor of Dallas. She is required to show up to all of the fancy parties and/or anything her father wanted her to join him at. She is not the blend in type of girl though. Six is totally the opposite, actually. She has her own style that her father does not approve of and thinks she’s embarrassing at times.

Just when Six was minding her own business, taking a few days off the grid she stumbles into something she never thought would fathom; Lynn doing illegal things. Then of all things, he kidnaps her…sort of. And that's when the adventure begins.

Tough as nails, intense, hot and fall in love hard and fast. That’s the way we like our LLV men and Lynn did not disappoint. I love age gap romance and I adore Lynn with Six. She is just as intense with a side of crazy. What more could you want in a story?

Imagine coming across a man getting the snot beat out of him by one of the hottest men you have ever seen. Imagine that hot man being the mayor of your City. Tattooed and muscled. Sex in a suit. Six happened upon this situation as she was hiking. And then suddenly...kidnapped. But dammit if it wasn’t a kidnapping that every girl imagines. Capture turned romance anyone? I think so!!

The fact that I absolutely hated Six’s dads’ guts only adds to the intense story. Who doesn’t love their kid? And who wouldn’t do anything for said kid? That would be D-Bag Ivan Broussard, the Mayor of Dallas. Having a childhood like Six did made her who she is today. Totally able to stand on her own two feet but looking for someone who can love her like she has always wanted. And that love just so happens to be for a man that she craves.

Great quick romance novel. Another great addition to Lani’s work of excellence. What a great start to a new series. Just can’t wait for Conjugal Visits, coming February!

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Lani Lynn Vale is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mafia Prince (Young Irish Rebels, Book One) by Vi Carter: Release Blitz + Excerpt + Review

Title: Mafia Prince
Series: Young Irish Rebels, Book One
Author: Vi Carter
Genre: Dark Irish Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2021
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions


I’m the son of Liam O’Reagan, next in line to wear the crown.
And when I prove myself worthy, I will RULE over the Irish Mafia.
I don’t have time for distractions—much less time for a woman who has always been the bane of my existence.
When Maeve comes back into my life, I fight like hell to resist the pull she has on me.
An attraction that has only grown stronger with time.
But, when trouble lands her at my feet, I take the opportunity to have what I truly want.
I offer her a deal. I’ll help her, but the cost will be one night in my bed.
One night of submission.
One night to have her completely at my mercy.

If only I had known my battle with Maeve would start a war.


Jack is the only one who can help me.
Too bad, he hates me.
But I have no choice but to go to him.
It turns out, hate is a powerful motivator, and I just handed him a way to punish me.
He offers me his help—for a price. Everything in his world has a price.
One night in his bed.
He’s everything a woman would want, so this should be easy. Only, I’m a virgin, and he terrifies me.
I should run, but I won’t.
I can’t.
I just pray this one night doesn’t destroy us both.

Jack O’Reagan is the heir to Ireland’s Mafia. Specifically, the Kings of the East of Ireland. He makes a bargain for one night in the bed of Maeve Reilly. Maeve has found herself in a terrible situation due to her brother.  She is an innocent woman trying to save her brother Declan’s life.

He has been beaten and they have promised to return the next day. They are going to take Maeve as payment for Declan's $12,000.00 he owes them. Maeve would be forced to work for them until the debt was paid.

With no other options she turns to a childhood friend well …. friend isn't the best word. They weren't really friends. As we see when Jack agrees to pay the $12k but he wants her. Not as terrible of a hardship as the other option, but she's concerned about her feelings. Jack has so much power over her body and mind, and it scares her to death.

The twist & turns throughout this book are amazing. They are so hot together. But also, dangerous. True opposites in almost every aspect. Rich/poor, family differences, and power struggles. The author moves you through them so effortlessly. It's simply amazing.

Highly Recommend!!!!

AmazonUS * AmazonAU * AmazonCA * AmazonUK

Free in Kindle Unlimited!!

“One night in my bed. You submit to me, and the debt is cleared.”
My stomach churns, and I can’t look at him. “If I say no?” I quickly look back at him while trying to hold the pleading note in my voice back.
He works a muscle in his jaw before his face relaxes. “You can say no.” He shrugs and walks away from me. “But that’s the deal. One night with me and I’ll give you the twelve grand.”
My options were; be used in a brothel by countless men or give myself for one night to Jack, and the debt is cleared.
Heat slowly creeps up my chest as I think of both scenarios. Jack sits back down behind his desk and starts writing. “Make up your mind quickly.”
Anger accelerates my heart once again. He could have any girl in the world, so why me? I knew why— because he could—because his money is his power.
Hate heightens in my system, and I close my eyes briefly. “Fine.”
He doesn’t look up at me, even as my soul screams not to do this. He still keeps writing, and I wonder if he heard me.
“I agree,” I say louder.
“I heard you the first time.” He doesn’t look up as he speaks, as if I’m not worth looking at anymore.                     

Book Two: Mafia King – Releasing April 15, 2021

AmazonUS * AmazonAU * AmazonCA * AmazonUK

When Vi Carter isn't writing contemporary & dark romance books, that feature the mafia, are filled with suspense, and take you on a fast-paced ride, you can find her reading her favorite authors, baking, taking photos or watching Netflix. 

Married with two children, Vi divides her time between motherhood and all the other hats she wears as an Author.

She has declared herself a coffee & chocolate addict! Do not judge.

Newsletter + FREE book!

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G-Ring by Diana Gardin: Release Blitz + Review

Title: G- Ring
Author: Diana Gardin
Genre: Bad Boy College Romance
Release Date: January 12, 2021
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

He’s a wrong-side-of-the-tracks bad boy who owns his own gambling ring. She’s a well-bred, rich girl who doesn’t fit into her own world. They were never supposed to be…

It took me  years to build the clientele that shows up at this G-Ring every single weekend. Setting up a beautiful lounge, word-of-mouth, and damn good business sense. I make a six-figure salary, and I’m only twenty-two. Doesn’t matter that I grew up in a trailer park on the wrong side of town. What I’ve built for myself? It’s perfect.

Until it isn’t. The night I met her, my whole world stopped turning for just a second while my eyes raked her top to bottom. And then it exploded. Fell apart. Ripped to shreds. A dead body in your lounge doesn’t exactly promote good business. Now I have to find out who’s killing off my clients, and keep Naima safe at the same time.All while avoiding prison time.


It’s called a silver spoon. It means you never have to worry about money, status, or rules. Mine is starting to choke me. My Morroccan family is a little more strict than most, but it doesn’t stop them from giving me everything I want. Only, I don’t want much. Just to feel alive, like I have a place in this world. When I end up at the G-Ring that fateful night with my friends, I think I’ve finally found it. When his eyes land on me, it feels like he sees everything I try so hard to hide. So it took me by surprise, the dead man we found at the end of the night. Now, people I can’t see are chasing me, and I don’t want to leave Ace’s side. I need him. And he needs me.

Will they survive long enough to experience everything real? Or will the people hunting them down cut this love story short?

Do you believe you will know the one from that first look??

The first time Ace meets Ny, he begins to feel things he has never felt before. Could that be the feeling of happiness?? That is the one thing he might not get to find out, due to circumstance he feels he needs to let her go and not look back. However, is he strong enough to do that, or will that feeling in his chest going to push him towards the one thing her wants to keep safe???

When the heart wants what the wants, what is a man to do...... follow your heart, right?? I absolutely loved G-Ring and I can’t wait to see what Diana Gardin has in store for us next!

AmazonUS * AmazonAU * AmazonCA * AmazonUK

Free in Kindle Unlimited!!

Diana Gardin is the author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic
Suspense in the adult and New Adult categories. Her words include the Ashes Series, the Nelson Island Series, and the Battle Scars series. Upcoming works include the Night Eagle Security Series (Battle Scars, Rescue Ops, and Delta Squad) The Lilac Sky (sci-fi romance), and G-Ring.

Diana loved writing at a young age but decided to try and make a career out of it in 2012 while staying home with her first child. When she's not writing, you can usually find Diana watching one of her Netflix Obsessions, practicing yoga, or drinking wine with friends.

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