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All The Kings Horses by: Kim Congram - Release w/Review

Title: All the King's Horses
Series: Katura Chronicles #1
Author: Kim Congram
Genre: Women's Fiction/Action
Release Date: November 15, 2018

There are three ways you become a Monarch:
1. Born to it
2. Marry into the family
3. Take it

They stole it

And I had a choice: 
Fall into line, serve our new King, or fight.

My new motto?

It’s only treason if you lose.

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Wonderful! Excellent! Modern day royal family with enemies and hero's everywhere!

Love Emma!!! What a wonderful character with her past issues, military accomplishments and just an awesome hero!

The enemies are everywhere and the king has been overthrown, not by his choice. What will they do? How will the survive their country burning?

Wonderfully written, amazing characters and awesome story! A must read!

Highly Recommend!!!


I took one look at the oncoming wall of people and broke the line. There were too many; we’d be crushed, they’d be injured. It was too dangerous. Around me, soldiers made similar calls, stepping back, moving out of the panicked protester’s way. Some tried standing their ground, only to fall under the first wave. 
"Fall back! Fall back! Let them through!" I ordered, screaming into my radio. "Fall back! Let them through! Fall back!" 
Some listened, others didn't. I didn't know if they could hear me. It was pandemonium. It was chaos. 
It was war. 
I watched in horror as a soldier, panicked, started beating a woman who’d run into him with his baton. She desperately tried to push him away, twisting to avoid him, trying to move towards the exit. She managed one step before his arm came down cracking her on the head. She went down, landing on the street, immediately swallowed by the wave of stampeding feet.
"With me!" I screamed, surging through the crowd, eyes on the spot the woman had gone down. I prayed someone was behind me. I fought against the people, using my shield as a weapon. I was pushed, shoved, and beaten as I clawed my way to where she'd fallen. I stepped on her arm. Immediately pulling my foot back, I looked down. Her face was a bloody mess, her body completely mangled with blood and bruising. I stepped over her, bracing a foot on either side, the soldier who'd hit her nowhere to be found. I held my shield up as still more people streamed through the narrow entrance, eyes panicked, bodies bloody. 

What the fuck was going on? 
My radio crackled, but I couldn't hear it over the screaming and thunder of the crowds. A child tripped beside me. I snapped out a hand, hurling him up, pushing him behind me. He clung to my leg, whomever he'd been with already lost in the crowd, pushed along by the surge. 

A soldier appeared beside me. The guy from earlier. 
"Colonel!" he yelled, struggled to be heard over the crowd. He braced, lacing his arm with mine, crouching we shuffled slightly, moving to fully cover the woman. The kid kept clinging to me, his small arms and legs now wrapped completely around my leg. 
"She's bad," the guy said as the crowd started to thin. 
"I know." Her legs looked broken, and she had to have internal injuries. Her face was a complete mess. 
"She won't be the only one." 
His arm flexed around mine, but we didn't move. We couldn't. We had to hold, or we'd all go under. I could see the end of the crowd, the line of soldiers three deep, followed by a row of trucks. 
"Shit," the soldier yelled. "This is some dystopian shit!" 
I grunted, shifting my grip on the shield. "Pray the truck is for casualties." 
The crowd thinned, light enough I could shift into a crouch, my hand going immediately to the woman's neck. 
"Pulse," I reported. "Weak as shit. She's bad." 
"But alive," he pointed out. "We’ve got to get her help." 

Kim Congram is a transplant to Australia’s capital, Canberra. Kim loves it for the food, the weather, the mountains and even the roundabouts.

She is a part-time writer, full-time worker bee and lover of all things romance. Kim lives with the hero of her own love story and their dachshund in their house full of books.

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Review: Confessions of a Chatterbox by Abagail Davies

Title: Confessions of a Chatterbox
Series: Confessions Series #2
Author: Abigail Davies
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: November 8, 2018

Confession One: I was a self-confessed chatterbox.
Words were my best friend.
They loved me almost as much as I loved my pajamas and unwashed hair.
Confession Two: I hated outside people.
I was happiest sitting on my sofa, my favorite show in the background,
and my laptop open while I worked.
Being my own boss was freaking awesome.
So why the heck had I accepted this new teaching job on campus?
Going back to the sunny state was the last thing I wanted to do.
It was only meant to be for one day—one talk.
But life had a funny way at throwing you for a loop.
Confession Three: I was the best secret keeper.
It was ironic considering I never stopped talking. 
But I’d do anything for my best friend.
Until him.
Confession Four: I’d never met anyone like him.
He was different, but not in the way that everyone else viewed him. 
He made my heart stutter and my breath catch.
But worst of all, he made my words disappear.

So, this book is OMG. I love the premise of this book, some one with a precieved disability in a romantic lead role. Not a physical disability either, one thats stigmatized and often considered off limits. I love that the dad let him be who he is and accepted the fact this his son was a sexual being. I loved, loved, loved it.
Now onto the story.
El was quirky, at times she was over the top but it wasn't too bad, it became kind of endearing actually. She was a chatterbox and brilliant so the things coming out of her mouth was awesome sometimes. I love how she dealt with students.
JJ was written beautifully, it showed the nuances of having autism, but also the human element that is unfairly stripped away, plus he was hot. That always helps. I loved his honesty and how he came into his own.
I also love when I read a book and I'm invested in the supporting characters. I was so excited when I realized that there was also a book for Vi. I want to know more about the mom that left, and I want his dad to find love too. I want everyone happy. I hope we haven't heard the last of this group yet.
Great series.

Abigail Davies grew up with a passion for words, storytelling, maths, and anything pink. Dreaming up characters—quite literally—and talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for her. She finds it fascinating how a whole world can be built with words alone, and how everyone reads and interprets a story differently. Now following her dreams of writing, Abigail has found the passion that she always knew was there. When she’s not writing: she’s a mother to two daughters who she encourages to use their imagination as she believes that it’s a magical thing, or getting lost in a good book. If she’s doing neither of those things, you can be sure she’s surfing the web buying new makeup, clothes, or binge watching another show as she becomes one with her sofa.

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How About No (Bear Bottom MC, #3) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release Blitz + Review

Title: How About No
Series: The Bear Bottom Guardians MC, Book Three
Genre: MC Romance
Publish Date: November 6, 2018
Review Source: InkSlinger PR

Wade had everything he could ever want in life...then he lost it.

Now, his life—his forever girl—is living in a house he built for her while he’s struggling to move on and find meaning where there isn’t any to be found.

Landry Hill was his girl. his everything. His high school sweetheart. His first kiss. His first and only love. His old lady and wife.

Then one day he does something monumentally stupid. And she walks away knowing she’ll never come back.
Fast forward five years, and he’s still just as in love with her now as he was when she left. The only problem is that she’s moved on with her life, found a new man, and seemingly forgotten him. Then there’s Wade—stuck in the same awful place where she abandoned him. The only thing he has left is his job as a police office and the Bear Bottom MC.

Just when they both think things can’t get any worse, life kicks them both in the teeth, and Landry finds out really quick that the only person she can depend on is the one that let her walk away.

With understanding comes a deal. One that Landry has no hope of ever breaking free from, and one Wade will do everything in his power to make a reality.

But one thing is still certain. The force that split them apart is still out there. And there’s no hope of escaping fate.
WOW!! I am in total awe with this book. The feels were intense and the backstory was not something you hear about every day. I was sucked in from the beginning but what Lani Lynn Vale book haven’t I been? 

Landry, to say she had a bad childhood would be putting it lightly. Her childhood is something you only see or hear about on television. She has grown to overcome her past and has moved on, but then the love of her life betrays her just like her family has her whole life. 

Wade is a police officer and in the Bear Bottom MC, which that alone had me! He had his everything but made one mistake and she ran for the hills. 

These two had my heart…it broke, it twisted, and plain out erupted with love. I think this is my favorite LLV books to boot! There is always some shady stuff going on in the background but this one was so different to me. I don’t know if it was Landry and what she has had to overcome, or the fact that Wade did everything in his power to win back Landry but I was totally immersed in this story. You know when you feeleverything going on in your soul? That doesn’t happen very often for me but it still gives me chills thinking about it. 

Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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