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Review of The Quarterbacks Secret by Kylie King

Zach Taylor is in his prime. He’s star quarterback of his college and, of course, all the girls clamor over him. Life is going great for the campus star...that is, until his best friend’s little sister transfers to the school.

Zach remembers little Janie Fuller all too well. She’s the same girl who snuck around with him at night behind her brother’s back, and the same girl who asked Zach to be her first. 
Zach doesn’t remember many girls’ names, but he will never forget what he did with little Janie. Now she’s all grown up, and she knows exactly what she wants: her brother’s best friend.

Zach & Janie’s past soon catches up with them, and the secret crush they harbored years ago returns full force. Neither of them will be able to resist one another, and their struggle to keep their forbidden affair under wraps will be much harder than they expected.

 I liked Janie she was resistant but didn't deny herself. I like women characters who know what they want, consequences be damned. Zach on the other hand, was painted very poorly for me in the beginning. If I'm being honest I was skeeved out in the beginning by their relationship before college. I don't know how I felt about the crass way the felatio was mentioned by a highschool girl. I enjoy smut and dirty in my books, but when dealing with high schoolers, I like it a little more class and less crass. It may be for you but not for me. 
The story was sweet and the of age sex was good and hot. My last two gripes are forced conflicts. Janie assumed something and didn't let him explain and went on to make everyone miserable. She really let me down, she was painted as such a modern woman in the beginning and then falls for this unoriginal drama. I didn't like that. I wanted her to talk to him, go with him DO something. What is it with characters in the book that don't communicate?
I was all ready to write this book off but then I read the author's bio and it said to not take it too seriously and I realized that maybe I was taking it too seriously.I do regret that I didn't let it go sooner though because Zach was really sweet and the story isn't that bad once I got over all my personal hang ups and suspended my beliefs and just enjoyed the story for what it was. The ending was really sweet and made me feel better about the book overall. I will recommend this book for people who like short, sweet and spicy reads. I just warn that you have to go in with an open mind, or you'll waste so much of the book that you could be enjoying. 

Kylie King is a soccer mom by day, and a writer of ridiculously smutty romances by night. She loves reading, swimming, and mixed drinks that include lots of rum.

All of her books are quick and hot, with over-the-top fantasies that probably shouldn't be taken too seriously.


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Saved By Him By: Kristie Leigh - Release Blitz w/Review

Title: Saved by Him
Series: Like a Hurricane Duet #2
Author: Kristie Leigh
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 21, 2019

I’m always running, hiding to avoid the reality that has become my life. Hunter didn’t deserve the destruction I left in my wake—I just hope it’s repairable.

Because I need him.

I need him to love me like he used to, to make me whole again. To remind me that my reality doesn’t have to be like this.

Most importantly…I need him to save me.

Loved LOVED this book!! Both of them but this one was my fav!

In the first book Jules annoyed me just a little bit. Her wishy-washy ways just aren't what I strive to be as a woman. But in book two she grows up, gets her head in the right frame of mind and moves on in the right way.

Loved the characters in this book too. All of them but goodness....he is FANTASTIC!!! I don't know what man would have gone through all that he went through with her and come out the same. Still madly in love and full of forgiving. He is definitely one of those characters that I will remember for a very long time.

The writing is amazing!! The characters very well understood and so relatable. The story is fantastic. This is a MUST-read!

Highly Recommend!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited

I'm a feisty redheaded Canadian/American who fell in love with romance novels when my friend Phil bought me a Kindle that hasn't left my side since.

My favorite books to read are anything taboo and super sick and twisted. I'm not sure I will ever write anything dark, but I would love to give it a shot one day.

I live in South Florida with my high school sweetheart and three kids.

I grew up in Burlington, ON, Canada but made the move to South Florida in 2013 and definitely don't miss the snow.

I'm not sure where this writing journey will take me but either way, I know it will be a fun new adventure, and I'm super excited about it.

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No Control (The Fighter Series) by T.C. Matson: Release Blitz + Review

Title: No Control
Series: The Fighter Series
Author: T.C. Matson
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2019
Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations

A new standalone MMA fighter romance about finding strength and love.


I’m on top of the game about to conquer it.

Then my dream is shot down and I’m staring into the eyes of an angel.

A gorgeous redhead with stunning green eyes.

She’s a game changer.

And I’m ready to play.


Life isn’t always roses and sunshine.

Mine is full of thorns that have molded me into something I can’t control.

Then I meet him…an MMA fighter who changes everything.

He infuses me with strength

And it prompts me to face my fears—my past.

Weakness causes me to fall.

His love is what catches me.

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In this book we meet Carter and Kinley two people who have mastered the art of the slow burn.
Kinley has a past that she can’t seem to escape in the form of her ex-boyfriend Ben who doesn’t want her honestly, but also doesn’t want anyone else to have her either.
Carter who is a big name in the MMA scene meets her one crazy night and while it was a horrific experience, it was kismet.
Although its book 7, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.
This is the first book by this author that I read and I’m glad I did. I love hard men with soft gooey interiors. Who treat women right but can rough you up. That tenderness that’s only reserved for those they care about.

I recommend this book to everyone who love steamy romance, heart wrenching situations and well fleshed out characters. 

“I don't know how she does it, but this series gets better and better with each book.” ~ Latifa M

“No Control by T.C. Matson a five-star read that will fight for control of your heart.” ~ Sara O.

“TC Matson has written another incomparable book in the Fighter Series. Who would have thought that these tough Alpha males she writes about could have a soft marshmallow interior for their women!”~Maura P

“T.C. Matson once again delivers a book that will keep you glued to its pages.” ~Michaela Z

“A hero in more ways than one Carter totally stole the show for me in this book.” ~ Britt Franks Red Hatter Book Blog

Also available:

“Dreaming in Reality…You dream in reality when you pick up a book and get lost in it. In my writing, I strive to take you to a place where reality and fantasy become a blurry line. Everything should be relatable. It could happen…couldn’t it?” ~ TC Matson TC Matson loves to let her character’s voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. With an understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers—her writing mirrors it. She’s a romance junkie at heart and an avid reader. Add those two together and she will devour books within hours, getting lost in the world the author creates. Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of NC with her husband and three boys, where staying hopped up on caffeine is the key to her sanity. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is an absolute must.

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The Vow We Made by Loriana Caippello: Release Blitz + Review

Title: The Vow We Made
Author: Loriana Cappello
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 14, 2019

A Story of friendship, family, and above all else, love. Victoria West was Vivacious, determined and thought her happily ever after was all mapped out. 
When tragedy strikes, claiming the life of her new husband, she receives information that shatters her world. 
Three years later, Victoria finds herself beginning to trust another man for the first time,  but is she prepared to expose her darkest fears and share the biggest secret of her life with him?
Doctor Aiden James is dedicated to his profession and has little time for relationships,  but there’s something about Victoria’s vulnerability and beauty that makes him want a different future. 
One where she becomes his. 
An unfortunate twist of fate leads to Aiden making a discovery about his own past. 
Consumed with guilt, will he choose his professional oath or damn the consequences for Victoria?
Two people destined to be together but both are keeping secrets that could destroy their chance at forever.
This is a new author for me, and I have to say I quite enjoyed her writing style. This story was set in London, so it was different for me since most books are set in the U.S. 

Victoria and Aiden meet by chance outside of a diner. They really hit it off after running into each other repeatedly but they both have some secrets. Can they get past the past and move forward? 

I loved how this author included the group of friends throughout the book and intertwined this beautiful love story. I loved the two main characters so much. I felt at times like I could totally just climb right in the book and live it. I would totally recommend this book!! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I can’t wait for the next!! 
Loriana Cappello lives just outside of London, with her ever-supportive husband and four beautiful children. She is a full-time mum by day, but when her evenings become free, she hides away and loses herself in the depths of her imagination. Her passion for reading and writing tall stories started as a little girl. Her love of romance, a little later.