Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Into the Clear Water by B. Celeste: Release Blitz + Review

Title: Into the Clear Water
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: April 1, 2020
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

I used his body to forget the pain until the line we drew was buried under muddied water.

I used to believe in three things:
That true love only existed once, heartbreak couldn’t kill you, and everything happened for a reason.

But if that were true, I never would have watched Daniel McCray get married to another woman, have a beautiful baby girl, and pass away before my very eyes.

Everything I believed was I lie.

Until I met them.

There is something to say about an authors writing when your full attention is captured from the very first page. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I am going to fall head over heels in love with a story written by B. Celeste. Her writing is unequivocally film worthy. I can imagine her books coming to life up on the big screen.  I see the story play out in my head and only an exceptional book does that.

Into the Clear Water is a very realistic modern day romance. Balancing the passion that Piper feels for her roommate Easton, and the butterflies she still feels for her childhood crush, Carter, she is unsure of what path to take. Life can be so unexpected and you never know what’s to come from day to day happenings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade; in every variety imaginable. You learn to lean into the curve ball and no matter how hard it can be, you know that you are either going to swing and hit or miss. However, there is always sunshine after the storm; a silver lining in every dark cloud. Each life happening is a lesson in itself and this story shows us just that. Expect the unexpected...even in love and loss.

I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. “You’re not the boss of me, Easton. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about your friend doing the piercing, but it’s not the end of the world. And it would be money all the same if you let me pay. Why are you being so stubborn about this?”

“Not the boss of you,” he repeats, a slow smirk curving his features. His body turns to face me, towering over me when he straightens to full height. “I seem to recall that differently, especially when we’re in your bedroom and you’re begging me to bury my cock deeper inside you. Hmm. Have you forgotten how much you moan my name when I lick you, or how you pull my hair to go faster, or plead for me to fuck you just the way I know you like?”

My thighs press together as heat sweeps over my body. He knows what he’s doing because he chuckles like this amuses him. But I don’t find his mood swings funny. “What does that have to do with anything?”

He leans closer, brushing his lips against my ear as he speaks. “I should have been the one to give you what you wanted today because I know what you want. Just like I know what you sound like when you come, what it feels like when you squeeze my cock with that tight pussy of yours, and how loud you get when you don’t have to hold back. You want freedom, Piper. You always have.”

When he draws back, I’m stunned speechless. He takes advantage of it and shoots me a wink, causing my lips to part. He’s never winked before. And it’s … wow. Between those words and that gesture, I’m not sure I can properly fathom a response, and he knows it. Which is why, this time, he walks away first.

B. Celeste’s obsession with all things forbidden and taboo enabled her to pave a path into a new world of raw, real, emotional romance.

Her debut novel is The Truth about Heartbreak. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Julius by Nicole Cypher: Release Blitz + Giveaway + Review

Title: Julius
Author: Nicole Cypher
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2020
Review Source: Give Me Books Promotions

They say success is the best revenge.

I say it isn’t enough.

I’ve spent the last twenty years building my empire, but I’ll never forget the gutters I had to crawl through to get here. Or the enemy who made it that way. Kevin Cryson, the man who destroyed my life. It isn’t enough to build my own empire if I can’t crush his.

Luckily, I’ve found his weak spot. The perfect lure in the form of a brown-eyed devil with chestnut hair and a deviant smile. The princess he never should’ve let leave the castle.

They say revenge makes people bitter.

I’ve never tasted anything so sweet.

**Julius is complete story with a guaranteed HEA and NO cliffhanger. It is set in the same world as the interconnected standalone series Darker Places, but the series is not necessary to read in order to enjoy Julius. This book is a dark romance, and thus contains dark subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.**

To live your whole life consumed with nothing but revenge will take a toll on a person. That's the exact life Julius lived. Wanting to avenge the murder of his father, he came up with an elaborate and fool proof plan to get even; or so he thought. Hiring someone to kidnap the daughter of his target to lure out his father’s murderer quickly backfired. They ended up getting the wrong girl. Laney was a free spirit who lived a very sheltered life, thanks to the uncles who helped raise her. Always one to break the rules, she changed the rest of her life by doing so on her cousin’s 21st birthday.

          The emotion in this book from both Julius and Laney really comes to life through the words of this author. The love of a captor and captee that comes to life was so hot and cold that it gave me the chills in a very good way. This is the first book I've read by Nicole, but will most definitely not be the last.

Enter the giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card!

Nicole Cypher is an author and avid reader of dark romance. She began her writing journey in college and hasn't looked back since. In her books you can expect a yummy anti-hero, plenty of action, and a happy ending.

For access to exclusive bonus chapters, updates on new releases, and special offers, be sure to sign up for her newsletter at where you can also find links to her Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Model by Harlow Layne: Release Blitz + Review

Title: The Model   
Author: Harlow Layne
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: March 25, 2020

The Model by Harlow Layne is LIVE! This is a hot and sexy reverse age gap (younger man/older woman ;) office romance that will steam up your Kindle! #OneClick today!

The moment I heard Ryder’s voice I was a goner.

 As a photographer, I was used to working with beautiful people, but Ryder Williams was the most perfect male specimen that had ever stood before me. I knew without a doubt it would take no time at all for him to be the next big thing... or for him to steal my heart.

 Model and photographer, we shouldn’t cross that line, but there was no stopping the passion we felt. Nothing else mattered. Not the age difference. Not that he was a client. Not even our pasts.

 After my assistant caught us together, he was gone. I tried to put him out of my head, until fate threw him back into my life and my bed.

Time and time again we’re brought together, should I keep fighting or finally accept what my heart wants?

This is a new to me author and I have to say, I must read more of her work. I was sucked in from the start and couldn’t put it down. The flow was great, and the storyline was quite steamy to say the least. The age difference made the story.

We have one of the best photographers around and one of the most up and coming models. The chemistry these two display from the get-go was catchy. What I found fascinating is the fact that the elder in the relationship was a woman instead of a male. I loved it! 

To celebrate The Model’s release, Harlow Layne is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card.

Harlow Layne is a hopeless romantic who writes sweet and sexy alpha males who will make you swoon.

Harlow wrote fanfiction for years before she decided to try her hand at a story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow's not writing you'll find her online shopping on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, reading, or hanging out with her family and two dogs. 

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Chute Yeah (The Valentine Boys, Book Three) by Lani Lynn Vale: Release Blitz + Double Review

Title: Chute Yeah
Series: The Valentine Boys, Book 3 
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Photographer: FuriousFotog - Golden Czermak
Publish Date: March 24, 2020

Candy Ray Sunshine—Yes, that is my real name, thank you very much, Mom and Dad—knew two things.

One, she was going to work her butt off and open her very own coffee shop, even if she had to die doing it.

Two, Banks Valentine was the world’s worst ex-boyfriend in the history of ex-boyfriends. Even if they were only boyfriend and girlfriend for one evening. She wouldn’t sneeze on him even if he was on fire.

Banks Valentine also knew two things.

One, he was an immature jerk when he was in high school, and Candy Ray Sunshine probably could open a coffee shop if she put her mind to it. But he still thinks that she should shoot a little higher, anything that gets her the heck out of Kilgore, Texas.

Two, he likes riding bulls. It’s a dangerous job, and when he gets on the back of one of those thousand-pound death machines, he can finally feel his head clear enough that he can think.


Candy and Banks would never get along. Not after what he said, and definitely not after what she did.

Then again, neither one of them expected that night to end the way it did, either—the night that both of them refused to talk about the next morning.

Well, here’s another top of the charts for Lani Lynn Vale. I have been waiting for Banks story since The Valentine Boys series began. There’s just something about a big headed, ex-jock and military man who grew up on a farm. Those tight jeans and wide smile will do a girl good, anytime. Throw in the fact that he is a closet hopeless romantic. My heart was just swooning when we find out the little things that he did for Candy back in the day. All this time they thought there was a mutual hatred, when in turn, there was a mutual attraction. Candy herself is no slouch. She fits right in with the Valentine crew and can definitely hold her own.

I am pretty sure that each review I write, I mention that this one was better than her last. I keep waiting for a mediocre book coming from Lani and it has yet to happen. That’s a great thing of course, but the talent she has for writing is astounding. I love how raw and real each book is. How unabashedly true these relationships are and how well the characters mesh with each other. I am never, ever disappointed in one of her books and look forward to every release. Do you want an author that you just one-click without needing the synopsis? Then make that Lani Lynn Vale. She’s one of the best!!

I was so excited for this book! We got Candy Ray Sunshine’s and Banks Valentine’s story. I loved how it was put into two sections. Section one for the first 15 years then part two is present. And like usual, the Valentine boys sure are my favorites…Banks included.

Banks and Candy went to school together. Banks being the popular one and Candy the loner goth girl. To say they didn’t get along was an understatement but one day she thought things were turned around for good. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Things got worse and both Banks and Candy ended up having devastation on both ends. Fast forward to the present and not much has changed, well, so Candy thinks anyway….

So, this book was fun…but so is every Lani Lynn Vale book so nothing new there but this story pulls you in from the start!! I am in LOVE with Banks! He is my favorite Valentine to boot! I just love the family dynamics of this series and you always get some type of drama. LOVED IT!!

Lani Lynn Vale is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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