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Every Breath You Take (Bayou Devils, Book 3) by: A.M. Myers Release Blitz + Review

Title: Every Breath You Take
Series: Bayou Devils MC, Book Three
Author: A.M. Myers
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense
Publish Date: June 15, 2018
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Model: Jonny James
Review Source: A.M. Myers

Tatum Carter is a warrior. She hasn’t lived an easy life but any obstacle that is thrown in her path, she perseveres. When her mother, Sarah, is killed in a car accident, Tatum is presented with a whole new challenge and this time, she’s struggling to keep her head above water.

When he was fifteen years old, Lincoln Archer lost his father and shouldered the burden of taking care of his mother and two younger sisters. He’s a rock – always there when someone he loves needs him, but it has taken its toll on him and now he’s drowning under his mistakes.

Sarah’s death unearths long buried secrets, thrusting Tatum and Lincoln together as Tatum wonders if she ever really knew her mother at all. They bring each other peace but danger surrounds them and what looks like salvation may very well be their demise.

Can Tatum face the ghosts of her mother’s past or will they take her down with them, stealing away the only serenity Lincoln has ever known?

A.M. Myers currently lives in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and their two children. She has been writing since the moment she learned how to and even had a poem published in the sixth grade but the idea of writing an entire book always seemed like a daunting task until this story got stuck in her head and just wouldn't leave her alone. And now, she can't imagine ever stopping. A.M. writes gripping romantic suspense novels that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end.

When she's not writing, you can find her hanging out with her kids or pursuing other artistic ventures, such as photography or painting.



Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Safe Haven by: Red Phoenix - Release w/Review

Title: Safe Haven

Series: Captain's Duet #1

Author: Red Phoenix

Genre: Standalone Duet - Military Romance

Release Date: June 12, 2018

Love has no limits…

I’m known as Captain. I’ve accepted my title as a war hero but I still carry the guilt—until I meet her. She is like no other submissive I’ve met. In her eyes, I see the man I once was.

There’s only one problem.
I can never be what her young heart needs.


If I hadn’t met Brie Bennett with her offer of submissive training, I’m unsure where I would be today.

At the Training Center, I meet Captain, a distinguished Dom who is the man of my dreams—my safe haven.

But I have a problem. 
Captain won’t collar me.

*Safe Haven is the first book of a standalone duet. It is a military romance with BDSM elements. This is a spin-off from the series, Brie’s Submission.


Ok. Sooooo I didn’t realize this was a spin-off of Brie’s Submission. Totally my fault and I’m mentioning this because I felt completely lost the first half of the book. Mainly because I couldn’t see how in the world going from 1970’s to 2012 would ever work. 

However, work it did. It came to me so quickly I’m sure there was a lightbulb over my head!! I LOVED her series, The Submissive Training Center!!!! This spin-off is amazing!! It gives us more back story on Brie and Captain.

I would highly recommend reading that series first. Mainly because you won’t be sorry-it’s amazing and because this book will make way more sense if you do. 

Lets talk Red for a moment. WOW!! I mean totally amazing author and if you haven’t read any of her books….well you just have to!!!

Very Highly Recommend!!!

Over Two Million readers have enjoyed Red’s stories.

USA Today Bestselling Author Red Phoenix is an award-winning romance author who gained popularity with her series, Brie's Submission.
She also happens to be a submissive in real life and began writing Brie’s story so people everywhere could find out just how fun BDSM can be.

Monday, June 11, 2018

King of Hearts (Old Money Roulette, Book Two) by Natalie Bennett: Release + Review

Title: King of Hearts
           Series: Old Money Roulette Trilogy, Book Two
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Publish Date: June 9, 2018
Review Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions

His secrets. Her sanity

The road to hell...
Well, there is no road to hell.
I already live there.

I was forced to partake in a rigged game of seduction, manipulation, and murder.

Mateo Remmington is my formidable opponent.

He makes the devil look like a saint.

He’s immoral.
He's ruthless.
He's a goddamn king.

King of a clandestine empire who sits on a throne covered in innocents’ blood.

I’ve become his obsession.
He’s becoming my deadly addiction.

And if I make one wrong move he’ll end my life.

This story has me so unbelievably frustrated. It is well written and has a great backstory, although it didn’t give me what I was looking for. Lots of open ended questions that I’m wanting answers to immediately. However, I understand the depths to this madness. Natalie Bennett is brilliant and knows how to lure you in and keep you tied to her trilogy. Mateo is the lead male that I want to kick in the nards. He is an ass and a powerful one at that. Elena is entrapped in a deep trance when it comes to him. It seems that she loses all willpower when Mateo comes around. Finding her sister is her end goal, but when Mateo craves Elena, the further that goal gets. How will this all play out? Will Elena see Mateo for who he is or will she continue to play his game of Roulette?

Playing the waiting game is going to be the death of me. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this trilogy, with Ace of Spades.

In the Series:

Natalie Bennett is the creator of erotic stories that always come with a warning label. She writes about depraved alpha a**holes and women that love to hate them. Her books don't follow any specific tropes, have no set word counts, and tend to deviate from traditional HEA's.

When she isn't in front of her computer she's spending time with her husband and their three little boys.

Natalie is an avid fan of caramel frappes, horror movies, Shameless, and of course, reading.

You can find Natalie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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Friday, June 8, 2018

Explicit by: Ava Harrison - Release with Review

Title: Explicit

Author: Ava Harrison

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 8, 2018

Pierce Lancaster is bad news.



Sexy as —

He’s exactly what I don’t want in my life. What I don't need. I’m not the girl he knew before. I’ve changed. But he hasn’t. He’s trouble filled with empty promises. I’ve come too far to fall back. Yet I can’t seem to stay away. I can’t say no. 

I am addicted to Pierce Lancaster.

Loved the characters of this book. They are so broken and so rich!! It goes to show you that money sure doesn’t buy happiness and that even the wealthy have problems. Sometimes they have more.

The kids of the really wealthy don’t really need to work. Their parents do and their older brothers take over the family business and you just collect money and party.  And when I say party I mean drugs alcohol and women/men! 

Pierce & Lindsay are pretty much the same people. Rich partiers. Then things happen and they are forced to change their lives. On one hand it’s hard to feel sorry for them - they have had everything hand to them. On the other it makes my problems seem petty. They truly are broken and damaged - from childhood thru to adulthood. 

I really enjoyed this book very much. The writing and the characters are awesome. I’m still a little confused about the title. There really isn’t anything Explicit about this book. The sex is barely above a YA book, there is little cussing, there are some heavy subject matters but all in all its probably me just not getting it.  

I did LOVE the book!!! 

Highly Recommend!!

“Hey, I never got a taste,” Pierce exclaims.
“Oops.” I smile innocently. “There’s none left. Maybe next time.”
Before I know it, he’s leaning into me. Into my personal space, he’s so close I’m dizzy. Our gazes are locked. My breath comes out ragged and harsh from being this close to him. What is he doing?
He answers my unspoken question by taking my hand in his. My heart hammers heavily in my chest as it lifts. The feel of his fingers on me is hot and heady, the memories that are imprinted on my mind resurfacing to the forefront of my brain. I remember everything. 
We stare at each other.
Neither speaking.
The seconds pass, but it feels like everything is on pause as I wait to see what he will do. The boys talking in the background is a steady buzz against the pounding in my chest.
He lifts. 
His tongue juts out, and he swipes the tip of my finger where the cream from the filling has collected. Before I can think, he places it in his mouth and eats the rest.
“Ewwwww,” rings out through the room. The sound of the boys gagging pulls me out of my haze.
“What are you doing?”
“Having dessert.” He winks. His emerald green eyes twinkling with mischief.
He’s too close. Too damn close. I remember what his lips feel like against my skin. Decadent. Like the first bite of a macaron. 
I need to get away.

Ava Harrison is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author. 

When she's not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.